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July 2007

July 16, 2021

H.U.R.T. 100 Wait List Information and Name Correction Information

Aloha Runners,

As you all know the H.U.R.T. 100 has reached it's entry capacity, and we have pulled the application from the various sites that we utilized to get the application out to you folks. Since a few applications were printed out and subsequently post marked prior to pulling the application we have established a wait list for those runners whose applications we recieved after the event was deemed full. Rest assured that race management wants to have 100 entrants start the race. In years past once the race sold out, we no longer accepted applications, nor did we refund entry fees or establish a wait list. In short the number of starters at the event was below that of the actual entry limit.  To help mitigate the above we have decided to implement the following:


  1. Those runners who sent their applications after the runner limit was met have been e-mailed by either John or PJ determining if the said runner would like to be placed on the wait list.
  2. Those opting to be placed on the list have been, those opting not to be placed on the list will have their entry fee returned.
  3. The wait list will be maintained up until November 15,2021 (date is open to be changed).
  4. Any current runner on the accepted runner list wanting to opt out of the 2008 event can do so and have their entry fee refunded so long as all the following criteria are met: (a) there is a runner on the wait list willing to accept the place in the field, (b) it is done prior to November 15, 2007, (c) this is communicated to PJ Salmonson HURTPALS@aol.com, (d) runner realizes that once opting out of event (with the acceptance of a wait listed runner) they cannot get their slot back.
  5. PJ Salmonson will then pull the next runner off the wait list and ascertain whether or not said runner would like to still participate in the event. If not, PJ will continue to work her way down the list. If nobody is willing to take a slot the entry fee will not be refunded (as in years past).
  6. The entrant list will be updated as wait listed runners are added.
  7. We would like to avoid runners acting on their own behalf (as other race directors have sited to us) to try to get into the run one way or another. For those reasons, we will not be publishing a waitlist. Rest assured we have a system in place (outlined above) to attempt to get everyone in the race that wants to participate.


  1. For those accepted runners, please review your demographic data on the accepted entry runner list and make PJ HURTPALS@aol.com aware of any changes as soon as possible. These are the demographics we will be utilizing for all race correspondence.

Once again, Mahalo for all the support.

Jeff & John

July 10, 2021

The 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 is Full

Aloha Runners,
I just received notice that the 2008 race is full and the application is no longer available. Watch this site for additional information and the updated listing over the next few days. We are very surprised at the entrant response rate this year. Thank you to all of those who have applied early.
Aloha, Bob

July 06, 2021

Update on the H.U.R.T. 100 Endurance Run

Aloha Runners,

We hope that this post finds you all well and gearing up on your H.U.R.T. training. PJ has been receiving applications hand over fist for the event and we will soon be at capacity. John and I decided today that as we get closer to capacity we will be removing the application from the site. Therefore, we would encourage you all to reach out to your friends and have them get their applications in so they don't miss out on running in a premier event. Once again thank you for all your continued support and confidence. Now get training!

Jeff and John

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