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November 09, 2021

HURT Training and General Trail Safety

Training for HURT takes time, lots of time. We all have busy schedules and try to fit the training in as best we can. This year I have noticed people are training both day and night, whenever they can. I know it is not always possible to train with a group or even with another person, however please use some common sense while training.

Being out on the trails is inherently dangerous. One miss-step or slip could have you taking a tumble. Often times these slips end as bruises, bumps, or scratches. Fortunately, we have not had anything serious. Many of the trails are in bad shape with overgrown foliage making it tough to always see the next step. Think about some basic safety items if you are out training. Carry your phone if alone during the day and especially at night. What about an emergency whistle and small back-up flashlight (even during the day)? How about some minimal first aid supplies? Do you have something that could stop some serious bleeding from a big gash?

If you are out there alone, let someone know when and where you are starting at, your route, and when you expect to be finished. Better yet, find someone to train with. It's more fun and makes the time go faster. You can also help pick each other up during the low times of those 10-12 + hour training runs!

I don't want to sound alarmist and I am certainly not wanting any of this to happen, it just makes common sense. I've been out on the trails with other people out there and it still can be hours before you see another person. I remember a couple of years ago when a well known, very tough, and experienced local runner, took a bad fall going down into Paradise and limped out using bamboo as crutches.

Training supplies. We found out this past Saturday that not everyone knows where supplies are located. We don't mind others using the water and Gatorade however I know it is often the same people purchasing and dropping supplies. Don't be afraid to offer up some cash ($5 or $10) to Cheryl (or Rex) or to volunteer to drop supplies yourself. Also please note, the water and Gatorade are usually for everyone, however some people drop special drinks--Redbull, Amp, etc. These are not for everyone. If you want this, either make arrangements to purchase for yourself or drop on your own. If you are out training and you notice the supplies are low or gone, please contact someone off list. It's no fun to go into Nuuanu expecting to find water and instead find empty containers. Finally, let's make sure we do our part to keep the trails clean. If you see empty containers or other rubbish on the trails, let's try to pack it out. I am amazed at how inconsiderate some people are when they leave junk on the trails. Who do they think is going to pick it up?

I think we have a very unique training group here in Hawaii and all of you are what make it special. Let's keep supporting each other as we train for HURT.

Good training and be safe out there! Aloha, Bob

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