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December 2006

December 28, 2021

2007 HURT 100 Entrants List with Bib Numbers (Updated)

A minor update (One slot changed) to the previously announced bib number list of entrants. Click here to see the latest entrant list with bib numbers.

A small trails update for our mainland friends. I did repeats on the lower loop yesterday and the trail was nice and dry. I had good running conditions, not too humid and a nice breeze going up Hogsback.

It rained pretty steady last night and has been raining off and on today with lots of wind. Overall, the trails are in pretty good shape though this can change quickly depending on the weather.

For those interested in large waves, the N. shore is getting hit by large stormy swells that are projected to continue into the New Year. The swell projected to hit Jan. 1 and 2 is supposed to be huge, the largest this winter so far, maybe in the 25 - 30 foot range.

Aloha, Bob

December 26, 2021

2007 HURT Entrants List with Bib Numbers

OK, here it is, the 2007 Entrants List with Bib Numbers. Click here to view. The race is just 18 days away. I hope you're ready! (??)

Watch for more updates on this site as the race gets closer. We will be reconfiguring the site to focus on the HURT 100 race.

December 21, 2021

Important H.U.R.T. 100 Update

Important H.U.R.T. VII 100 Update

We have had several informational inquiries about this year’s race. Below are some of the answers that we have been sharing with runners about this year’s event.

Runners have asked whether or not there were going to be any impromptu aid stations at H.U.R.T. this year. For those who ran last year there were two such places on the course; Pauoa Flats and the Grassy Knoll at Nuuanu. After considerable deliberation it has been decided that there will continue to be only three official aid stations for runners to get aid from. The aid stations are the same as those listed in the runners handbook and they are; Nature Center, Paradise Park, and Jackass Ginger (Nuuanu). Race management, in an effort to assure that all competitors have equal access to the same aid station supplies and to promote an evenly contested event, thereby prohibits accepting aid at any point on the course that is not designated as an aid station. Such places include but are not limited to Pauoa Flats, Nuuanu Grassy Knoll and any road crossing. As stated in the handbook, runners found to be accepting aid at non designated aid station will be disqualified from the event. Also please remember that stashing of supplies along the course is prohibited.

Course maps and driving maps are available in the handbook. It is advisable that each contestant print out the maps for their use. A limited amount of maps will be made available at the pre race brief. Despite race management’s efforts to provide you with a well marked course, course maps are highly recommended as marking tape has been known to disappear during events. Competitors would also be wise to only seek directions from those associated with the race.

Drop bags will not be accepted at the pre race brief. Please bring them with you on the morning of the event.

The final entrant log is being compiled. Once complete race bib numbers will be assigned and posted to the H.U.R.T. blog.

An after run banquet is being planned for the Willows Restaurant on January 15, 2007. This is a non hosted optional event which is not included in your entry fee. More details will be forthcoming on the Blog as a head count is needed.

December 14, 2021

2007 HURT 100--Latest Update


Thank you all. Over the last couple weeks we have received an incredible amount of applications for the 2007 edition of the H.U.R.T. 100. It has been 7 years in the making, but we are proud to announce that this year's event has filled to capacity. As such, we are no longer accepting applications since all 100 bib numbers have been accounted for. It appears that the
H.U.R.T. 100 has finally come of age in the eyes of the ultrarunning community. On behalf of the H.U.R.T. 100 we thank you all for the continued interest and belief in our event. For those of you who have missed out on the opportunity to run with arguably one of H.U.R.T.'s deepest fields we encourage you to enter the 2008 edition of the event (application available in June 07). Remember we have no lottery, nor do we have any rigid entry guidelines. The only requirement for you the runner is to "give a little Aloha, and to get a little Aloha."

Mahalo for the continued support. We will be posting an updated list in a few days.

Much Aloha


HURT 100 Trail Marking

Aloha Athletes !

Thanks for the response thus far. However, like the Marines, we still need a few good men (and women) for trail marking on Friday morning January 12 and un-marking on Monday January 15, 2007. No experience necessay, and it will give you a new perspective of the HURT 100 course, not to mention the fact that it's fun. Since I will be off island until January 1, 2007, please contact PJ Salmonson at 235-0577 or e-mail her at hurtpals@aol.com or you can contact me after January 1 at 247-4144 or expo@hawaii.rr.com . Mahalo, Don

2007 HURT 100 Entrants as of 12-12-06

Anyone notice that the countdown timer says 30 days until the HURT 100 (as of 12/14)? Yikes!! I am beginning to think maybe seeing that every day is not such a good thing. What do you think? Certainly motivates me to keep focused on the race.

The latest update to race entrants can be seen here. There are only a couple of more spots left. If you haven't got your application in yet, don't delay. In fact, you had better contact John and PJ ASAP!

December 11, 2021

HURT 100 Saturday Training

Aloha HURT 100 Athletes !

In case you missed the nice, detailed post by Bob McAllaster last week (click here to review it), describing the 50 mile training run this Saturday, the following is a repeat of the plan.

This Saturday is the big day for 50 miles of HURT 100 training ! The day starts at 5:00 am at the mauka end of Manoa Rd. (before it narrows heading back into Paradise Park) where you will first go to Nuuanu/Jackass Ginger and then via the race route to the Nature Center. At this point you will interrupt your initial HURT loop by doing a 10 mile reverse Trek loop, restock your water and food, and head back to Paradise Park to complete the first HURT loop. At this point you will have completed 30 miles. All that's left at this point is another measly 20 mile HURT loop to finish off the day. Estimated completion times will depend entirely on the individual runner. A back-of--the-pack runner (36 hour HURT 100 finish) can expect to finish this 50 miles in around 16 hours, while a Karl Meltzer-type will be in the car driving home in 9 hours, or so. There will be limited water stashed at a couple of locations, so if you plan to do the training (or if you have any questions), please call Cheryl Loomis at 277-4960 to let her know you will be there and would like water stashed for you.

Please plan on bringing (or stashing) everything you will need, as this training run will primarily be unsupported. Don't forget flashlights/headlights.

Have fun !

December 05, 2021

2007 HURT 100 Entrants as of 12-5-06

Another update and we're up to 88 runners. Click here to see the entire list. Nine more people just added to the list. How's your training coming along?

December 02, 2021

Some Soggy Saturday Thoughts

It's a very wet, windy, and soggy day here in Hawaii. I know we shouldn't complain given the weather this past week on much of the mainland.

Nothing like 30 miles out on the HURT course to bring you back to reality in regards to fitness and training. Glad I got my run in yesterday. I think Steve Dewald and Mike Muench were probably glad as well given today's weather.

We even canceled our trail work day due to the weather. No use going out and digging in the mud. Chances are we would have just made it worse.

Congratulations to all those who got into Western States. The lottery was today and Hawaii runners selected include, Cheryl Loomis, Steve Dewald, and Jeff Huff. Former Hawaii resident, Judy Carluccio also got in. For all of you who didn't get in--there are lots of other races out there.

Finally, by not being out training, I got to see UCLA upset USC. Wow, what a game. Looking forward to Hawaii versus Oregon State tonight.

As a heads up, next weekend is the Honolulu Marathon and a lot of HURT runners will be pounding the pavement in this race. The following weekend on Saturday, December 16th, HURT runners will be running a 50 mile training day. Plan on a 5:00 a.m. start and lots of hours on the trail. Watch the blog for more details.

Good training and stay dry out there.

December 01, 2021

2007 HURT 100 Entrants as of 11-30-07

Another update to the 2007 HURT 100 entrants list and five more runners added to the list. This latest update includes the 2006 HURT 100 winner, Karl Meltzer. Click here to see the update.

How's your training going? Are you getting in some long mileage days?

Our weather has been very pleasant lately--with daytime high temperature's reaching to the low 80's and evening temp's cooling off to the low 60's. Perfect training weather. It should be about the same in January. Time to get those applications in!!

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