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October 2006

October 30, 2021

Winning Entry: Some Runners Thoughts on the HURT 100

As announced earlier (original announcement), we ran a contest for the best short promo or endorsement of the HURT 100. There were four entries received. Click here to read all of the entries. It was a hard decision as they were really all well written.

The winning entry, Jimmy Wrublik! Congratulations Jimmy. Thanks to our other contributors, Peter Bakwin, Jeff Genova, and Matt Stevens.

2007 HURT 100 Participant List as of 10-26-06

Click here for the latest HURT 100 participant list. One returning HURT 100 participant, in fact she has been at every HURT 100, Catra Corbett, just won the PCTR San Francisco 24 hour race. She was first woman and 5th overall. Watch out for Catra at HURT. She's been doing great at lots of races!!

The Hawaii runners were out in force this past Friday night putting in the miles and testing out their lighting systems. There were at least 10 - 12 runners out on various sections of the HURT course. If you have a good base built up, there is still time to get your application in. Click here for an application.

October 23, 2021

TRAIL WORK on "Make a Difference Day"

A big Mahalo to all of you who replied to the recent request for trail work volunteers!
Just a short post with the particulars:
    1.  Date:  Saturday, 28 October 2021
    2.  Time:  0800
    3.  Meet:  At bottom of concrete road.  Parking topside will be tight, so in the interest of combining training w/work, some of you may elect to park below by the pumping station and run/hike up.  There is also parking at the bottom of Puu Ohia trail further up the road past concrete.
    4.  Bring:  Water, bug spray, sunscreen, lunch, etc.
    5.  Tools:  Arrangements have been made to pick up tools and return same to baseyard.  Tools will be delivered topside where we will meet (look for my red truck).
    6.  Scope of work:  After distribution of tools, we will hike up to the top of concrete road (still more training).  The day's plan is to break into groups, then work our way down from the old trex sign on Manoa Cliffs to the intersection of Kalawahine/Manoa Cliffs trails.  Work crews will concentrate on grading in deeply rutted sections of trail and grooming.  If we are fortunate to have enough help, we will dedicate one crew to repairing the badly eroded section just below our last major repair job.
Typical_rutted_sections_of_trail_1               Lower_section_needing_repair
Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you think may be interested in helping - my sincere apologies if I have inadvertently left someone off this post.
Would appreciate a definite reply from those planning to come by Wednesday, 25 October - need to bring enough tools for all.
Mahalo again!
cell: 265-2611

October 22, 2021

WARNING: Crazed Young Haole Runner Terrorizing HURT Veterans on Trails!

BEWARE!  Yesterday there were two incidents (possibly connected! ...gasp...) involving an unidentified haole runner wreaking havoc on local HURT runners.  The suspect was said to be about 5'7'', 130 lbs., and wearing gray shorts.  According to eye witnesses who have requested to remain anonymous, (thanks for the anonymous tip, Don Fallis, Rex and Kat) the unknown suspect was "moving like a bat out of hell up hogsback!"  On the first incident, the culprit used his water bottle as a weapon, hosing Don half way up hogsback in a sneak attack that used up nearly half a bottle.  In the second attack, the suspect hid in some bushes on the trail down to Paradise Park and simulated the sounds of a mama boar about to attack.  Anonymous tip provider (Rex) was unsure if the resulting stains would come out of his running shorts.  If any more information is needed on these attacks, I'm certain that Don, Rex and Kat will be happy to provide more detailed accounts.  Despite any embarrassment, I'm sure all the victims of these senseless pranks recognize the importance of sharing their stories to ensure all our safety out on the trails. If anyone has information on these troubling incidents, please contact the lead investigator on this case, Matt Stevens, as soon as possible.  Mahalos.

PS: If anyone out there is in need of some inspiration for their HURT 100 training, check out the below video links.  They are pretty sweet!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QjYx6drVaA Lance Armstrong's Highligt Reel with Music

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7A_QUlMbvY Greatest Distance Track Finishes with Music

October 17, 2021

HURT 12 Hour Photos & Results

As PJ said, the HURT 12 Hour concluded an exciting and fun 2006 Trail Series. PJ took a few pictures and you can view them here. Click here to see the results.

The man with the most laps was Paul Hopwood of Maui. He came over and participated as a way to check out the trails for the HURT 100. Paul ran a total of 42.5 miles. Cheryl Loomis was the top woman in the race, running 30 miles. Congratulations and thanks to all the runners!

A big Mahalo to everyone who was involved with the 2006 Trail Series. This includes all the individual race directors, the participants, and especially to John and PJ for supporting us and making this happen.

Aloha, Bob

2007 HURT 100 Entrant List as of 10-16-06

Here's the latest HURT 100 applicant's list. Click here to view it. Included in this list are three HURT veterans. One of them, Nick Kaiser is off to do the Kona Ironman this coming weekend.

Remember the HURT 100 gives you an opportunity to get that first 100 mile race under your belt early in 2007. Start the year off by spending some time on the trails in Hawaii. Get those applications in!!

October 15, 2021

HURT 12 Hour Report

Today's 12 hour run was unbelievable! Every finish was a story in it's own, and every performance was inspiring!

Conditions were brutal- a hard rain on the dry trails at the start rendered the trails about as slippery as they could get... pretty greasy at the beginning. The windless humid air was oppressive, and our runners were getting depleted early on.

Nonetheless, no whiners, no quitters, just brave competitors heading out on each successive loop. ...Even some light bantering amongst the competitors as they snuck by each other while the other was grazing at the aid station table. Delirium perhaps? No, just willful and focused ultrarunners on a mission.

John and I are always grateful for the loyalty of our HURT family- so many came out to help us with the set up and break down of the aid station, to visit with us, and to hang out and keep us company and cheer on their fellow HURT runners. (...and I think not out of duty, but because they just wanted to be there whether they were competing or not). The overall cheerful attitude set the mood for the runners.(and I've seen the same spirit at all of the other Trail Series races this year)

Although weary from the long day, we arrived home still giddy, warm and fuzzy with good thoughts about our most cherished friends showing up at the race one by one- each appearance was a treat and everyone was very helpful. It made this aid station easy to run.

Thanks to all of you. It was a wonderful and satisfying way to end the 2006 Trail Series. You are the best.

Aloha, PJ

October 10, 2021

Trail Work: Don't Forget to Add These Dates to Your Calendar

Please don't forget to add these important dates announced earlier for trail work to your calendar: October 28 and December 2. Mike Garica will be organizing two work days as described in more detail here.

It is important that we have a good turnout of volunteers to help get the trails in shape for the HURT 100 in January. Mike will be posting more information soon.

Please plan on coming out to help.

October 06, 2021

2007 HURT Entrant List as of 10-6-07

Click here to view the latest entrant list for the HURT 100. Just a couple of observations. I think I counted 12 different states represented so far (not counting Hawaii)--in other words participants are coming from all over the U.S. Where's our Canadian participants? Our one applicant (to date) and past participant, Charlotte has withdrawn for this year. Click here for the application.

Don't forget, average January temperatures in Hawaii range from 80 degrees F. with a low of 67 degrees F.

There has been some phone calls and e-mails from others expressing interest. I know many participants are working on strength and endurance training and building that base of miles. What are you doing for training this weekend?

October 04, 2021

HURT 100 Adds Formal Time Cutoffs To Lap 5

The HURT 100 Race has added formal time cutoffs to Lap 5 of the 2007 race. The race booklet covering rules and procedures has been updated to reflect this change. Click here for the complete booklet.

Essentially what these changes say is this:

Runners must start Lap 5 at the Nature Center by 1100 (mile 80) Paradise Park cutoff is 1330 (mile 87) and Jackass Ginger by 1530 (mile 92.5). The finish line will close at exactly 1800. All runners must check out of the aid stations by these times or be pulled from the race.

October 03, 2021

HURT Trail Series-Last Race Reminder: Hogsback 12 Hour, Oct 14th.

Just a reminder that the last race in the 2006 HURT Trail Series is the Hogsback 12 Hour Race.

More details can be found here: http://www.hurthawaii.com/2006/09/last_race_in_th.html Here is a link to the 2005 results: http://hurthawaii.blogs.com/12HourHogsbackResults1.2005.pdf

The race is simple, repeats on a easy 2-1/2 mile loop for 12 hours or as long as you can go up to 12 hours. There's one hill and a few bumps along the way. Half of the race is downhill.

Race day registration only. Show up at the Nature Center by 5:30 a.m. for the 6:00 a.m. start. and the entry is $10.

Runners should plan on bringing their own aid or nutritional needs for a 12-hour race as there will just be light snacks and water/Gatorade at the Start/Finish.

Call or e-mail John if you have any questions. 566-6543 or hurthpals@aol.com

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