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September 2012

2013 H.U.R.T. 100- Update #1

Aloha Runners,

We hope that this email finds you hitting the training hard in preparation for some HURT.

A couple items of interest:

Jeff Fong has been named the coordinator for the Safety Patrol for 2013. He has large shoes to fill as he replaces Harald and AJ. The move was made as a means to bring more volunteers into the fold and to allow Harald and AJ the time to focus on the Book of HURT. Please join us in welcoming Jeff aboard.

The drop dead date for the $100.00 refund is fast approaching (11/15/12). If you would like to, or need to give up your slot you must contact me at jhuff@hawaii.rr.com on or by 11/15/12. To date we have had 2 runners drop.

If you did not purchase dinner tickets at signup or if you would like to putchase more you may still do so here . If you have questions regarding the process or about the post race banquest you can contact john at john@j-bmarketing.com

On behalf of the HURT 100 we look forward to seeing you in January.



First Wait Listed Runner in at HURT 100

Congratulations are in order for Pete Vara (who within an hour) accepted an invitation for the 13' HURT. Hannah Roberts has pulled out of the event opening the way for Pete. I called Pete shortly after the invite and his acceptance and all he said was, "Tell them all that there is a new sheriff in town , and his name is Pete!"

I forgot to mention to Pete that these aren't mainland trails.

Go get him gang.

For those on the waitlist you can see the update list at www.ultrasignup.com.


HURT 100

Mahalo From George


Thank you for the kind support for George Ramos and family as he fights his battle with cancer. The HURT family with all you support was able to deliver to George a check for @ $3300.00 to help with his medical care. The Ramos family and the HURT family are in awe of the kindess in the community.

If you would still like to contribute to George please email me at jhuff@hawaii.rr.com and I will get you in touch with the folks who are handling the contributions as we move forward.

Our thoughts and prayers are with George and with you all as we head towards an incredible HURT in 2013.

Much Aloha,

HURT 100