Mahalo From George
2013 H.U.R.T. 100- Update #1

First Wait Listed Runner in at HURT 100

Congratulations are in order for Pete Vara (who within an hour) accepted an invitation for the 13' HURT. Hannah Roberts has pulled out of the event opening the way for Pete. I called Pete shortly after the invite and his acceptance and all he said was, "Tell them all that there is a new sheriff in town , and his name is Pete!"

I forgot to mention to Pete that these aren't mainland trails.

Go get him gang.

For those on the waitlist you can see the update list at


HURT 100


Corrinne Tomi Wallace

YAY! I am so glad Pete got in! I will have someone to train with here! :)


Hi Jeff thank you for the call after I signed up... I am happy to report it was not a computer glitch just a eager monkey boy wanting to do this amazing event... Thank you

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