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August 2011

Explanation of 2012 HURT Lottery Procedure


The past few days have seen a lively debate on the HURT blog about the outcome of the lottery for the 2012 HURT 100. It seems to me that much of it is caused by misinformation and misunderstandings regarding the lottery procedure. We will update the respective section for The Book of HURT - 2013. For now, let me briefly explain the process for all applicants and participants in the 2012 race:

A total of 125 runners were admitted. Among these are up to nine runners with guaranteed entries, namely:

• The first three finishers of each gender of the prior year’s HURT 100 (assuming they have completed an application, submitted payment, and met the deadlines applicable to all runners).
• Up to three entrants (regardless of gender) with no 100-mile race finishes.
• Up to three entrants (regardless of gender) with no prior HURT 100 starts.

The remaining entrants were chosen via a weighted lottery. Kukui nuts (i.e., points) were awarded to each entrant based upon:

• Responses to questions posed on the electronic application form.
• Top-three finishes in prior HURT 100 events.
• HURT community service.

The latter (HURT community service) is a way for locals to get ahead of competition from the mainland, and for the HURT race directors to reward runners who graciously offer time and resources to make events like the HURT 100 happen. All of us are volunteers with busy lives outside of trail running. The kukui nuts awarded to those who help us prepare and stage these events are our way to show appreciation of the support we receive from the HURT ohana.

In addition, negative kukui nuts were assigned to applicants who exhibited unsportsmanlike conduct at prior HURT 100 events, the worst offense being failure of an admitted runner to show up on race day without notifying the race directors.

Note that kukui nuts only affect (and usually increase) the odds of being selected because they act as weights in the lottery; they do not guarantee entry and do not allow applicants to bypass the random drawing.

After 125 entrants were selected as described, the random drawing from the pool of weighted applications was continued in order to add fifty wait-listed runners, ranked by the order in which their names were drawn. Based on our experience from prior years, wait listed candidates have a very good chance of being invited to join the race - even those near the end of the list.

I hope this makes the process clearer. We will continue to look into ways to improve the selection procedure and make changes where necessary.



2012 HURT Entrant List and Wait List

Aloha Runners,

Confirmed Entrants:

Congratulations to the 2012 HURT 100 Entrants we hope that you are excited about being selected for the event. We had over 230 applicant for the 125 slots, and the kukui nut lottery went without a hitch (despite some dissapointments). As time goes on the entrant list will be updated, however, for those who want to see who they will be running against we advise you to go to Ultrasignup and check out the performances of your competitors in past races.

If you are in the event and failed to order dinner tickets, you can still do so be contacting John at john@j-bmarketing.com, the earlier the better as we had a sizeable pre order already. There will be no refunds on dinner tickets after 12/31/2011.

The main race information source will be found at HURT and via direct e mail, so please make sure we have an updated e mail at all times. It is imperative that you also read the Book of HURT 2012.

Wait-Listed Runners:

Thank you for your patience with the  Waitlist, we needed to assure all selected entrant's credit cards were processed properly.

As can be seen when viewing the wait list, the wait list lottery was discontinued after 50 runners were selected.The wait list is an ordered wait list, meaning runners will be selected in the order they appear on the waitlist.

For those on the wait list, you will be sent a registration link when a slot opens up. The e mail will be sent to the e mail address utilized when you originally regsitered. Please review the   Wait List Procedure.

The registration will be done in exactly the same manner as when your registered for the event as a lottery hopeful. You will also have the option at checkout to purchase dinner tickets, once again it is highly advised to do so since there will be very limited number for sale at the pre race brief. There will be no refunds on dinner tickets after 12/31/2011.

The wait list will be updated periodically at HURT. If for whatever reason you would like your name removed from the wait list please send an e mail to Jeff at jhuff@hawaii.rr.com.

All Runners:

Please note that all future updates will only be posted to the hurt100trailrace blog, and not to the hurthawaii blog.

The post race dinner will be on January 16, for those making travel plans you might want to consider leaving Hawaii on January 17.

The race directors and volunteers are eagerly awaiting your arrival in January. We are confident that we will be able to deliver a top notch experience (but the running is up to you) for you all. We will do our part, now you do yours. Get out there and run.

Warmest Aloha,

Jeff Huff

HURT 2012 Lottery Completed-Now The Wait List

Aloha Runners,

Congratulations to the 125 of you who have been selected for the 2012 HURT 100. As you might already know your position in the race is highly coveted and we are hopeful that you all train up to the level needed to complete the 100 miles, otherwise it goes down as another DNF.

For those of you not selected , a kukui nut weighted lottery will be performed and an ordered entry of the next 50 runners will be determined. This lottery will be done within the next 24 hours and the wait list posted on this site by 8/15/11.

We will limit the wait list to 50 based upon last years drop rate / wait list runner accepted rate. For what its worth we had >30 lottery entrants drop from the race prior to the 11/15/10 deadline. We offered all those slots and worked through runner #52 on the wait list. Even then we only had 119 starters to the event.

Bottom line, if your in and want out let me know. If you are out and are wait listed train like there is no tomorrow. Who knows you may get a call on 1/2/12 asking if you want a slot.

If you want to know if you made it in go to ultrasignup.com. I'm too tired to post the list now (and too disappointed)

Thanks to all who attended today's party, you will all get another kukui nut next year.

Please remember that to make this event happen we need tons of volunteers, if you weren't selected we would love to have you at an aid station or on the HURT Patrol.

Good night all.


Jeff Huff

HURT 2012 Lottery Selection Show-Party On!

Aloha Friends,

Recall tomorrow at 2 p.m., we will be having the 2nd annual HURT Lottery Selection show at the Huff house (1639 Ala Makani Place / Moanalua Valley). The doors will lock at 1:59 p.m. Please arrive early  at 1 p.m., so we can partake of some ono grinds. Chef Inouye will be grilling burgers / dogs on the grill. I will have beer,soda,water, and juice on ice. All entrants are welcome as are past participants of the HURT 100 and significant others. Entry fee is just a simple dish to share with others (potluck style).

At precisely 2 p.m. the lottery will begin and continue until we fill the 125 slots. For those of you who will be in attendance bring a good attitude as the format will be similar in style to the post race banquet. For those of you who can't make it you can follow the selection process at  http://mobile.ultrasignup.com/lottery/hurt

Attendance will be taken.

Good luck to all.