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October 2005

Xterra Results and Wet Trails!

Steve Dewald and Hurtpal Wendy Minor completed their double (Ironman + Xterra) this past weekend by participating in the Xterra World Championships on Maui. This race consists of a 1500 meter swim, a 30K mountain bike and a 10K trail run.

Steve had a time of 4:05. Wendy got special mention in the race report:

"Wendy Minor became the "oldest" woman to do the Hawaiian Airlines Double, finishing Ironman in 13:50:17 and XTERRA today in 5:06:43 for a combined 18:57:00." Wow, way to go Wendy!!

H.U.R.T. 100 participant, Willie Stewart also completed the race with a time of 3:57.

There were several other Hawaii participants. Check out the results at this link. Congratulations to all the competitors!!!

This past Saturday, several H.U.R.T. runners were out on the loop. We were all surprised to see Nick Kaiser out doing a "recovery" run after competing in the Ironman just the week before. This guy is amazing!!

It was muddy and sloppy on the trails. This didn't slow down the speedsters much. I heard from Paul Sibley that he and Ed Bugarin ran the loop in about 4:35. With all the rain over the last day or so, conditions will not be drying out anytime soon.

Happy training! Aloha, Bob

Na Ala Hele Trail Advisory Council Report


Here is some interesting info from this month's Trail Advisory Council meeting:

     1.  Completion of the new Hawaii Nature Center building will be delayed until sometime next year.  The contractor has yet to solve a drainage problem with the building.

     2.  Sierra club volunteers will continue to work until October 23rd on Manoa Falls trail improvements. Their work consists primarily of spreading gravel on the existing trail.  To date, it is estimated that almost 100 tons of gravel have been distributed.

     3.  Work continues on the new Makiki Aboretum trail linking the lower parking area with Nature Center.  Remember, that when complete, we will be asked to use this new section in lieu of the road.  This is a safety issue, so please kokua and give trail runners a good image.

     4.  DLNR will issue a 6 month permit on a trial basis for licensed tour operators to use Puu Ohia and part of Manoa Cliffs trail.  Tours will enter the trails at Kalawahine near Concrete road, and turn around at Paoa Flats lookout.  The group will then return via Paoa Flats trail to the trex sign, follow Manoa Cliffs to Puu Ohia, and exit to the paved parking area near the top of Tantalus.

     Group size is limited to 12 including the tour operator. Permitees are allowed on this section no more than twice daily Monday through Friday only.

     Manoa Falls is the only other authorized area for tour operations.  If you see what appears to be an organized tour group on the trails in other areas or on weekends, please note as much info as possible (lic.#, name of tour, # hikers in group, etc.) and let Aaron Lowe @ DLNR know.

     5.  Again, a hearfelt "Mahalo" to all of you who took the time  to come out and work on the Manoa Cliffs trail in August!

     Aaron Lowe had only great things to say to the Council about HURT's efforts.  He looks forward to working with HURT runners again very soon.  Currently, am in the process of becoming certified to take our volunteers out for repair work without DLNR's supervision.

     We will try for one more work session this year or early January '06 in preparation for HURT VI - stay tuned!

Mike Garcia


More Ironman Results

Aloha Athletes !

Great athlete and Hurtpal Darin Mingo almost was able to sneak by all the fanfare and complete the Kona Ironman unnoticed by all his friends at HURT. This may have been because Darin was slightly ahead of all the other HURT runners and posted the great finishing time of 11:21:08 !! Congratulations on an outstanding performance, Darin ! After a quick trip to the NYC Marathon in early November, Darin will be re-joining us on the trails and may available as a pacer for the upcoming HURT 100.


Ironman Results!

H.U.R.T. runners did great at Saturday's Ironman. Congratulations to each of them!!!

Nick Kaiser:

Swim 1:19 Bike 5:53:34 Run: 3:58.43 Overall 11:27:23 Finsih Position 1097

Steve Dewald

Swim 1:12:09 Bike: 5:57:34 Run 4:36:07 Overall 11:57 Finish Position 1254

Gil Loomis

Swim 1:19:46 Bike: 6:42:25 Run: 4:36:32 Overall 13:01 Finish Position 1427

Wendy Minor

Swim: 1:20:52 Bike 6:46:23 Run 5:31:24 Overall 13:50:17 Finish Position 1521

H.U.R.T. 100 UltraRunning Magazine Ad

I just received a copy of the UltraRunning magazine ad for the H.U.R.T. 100. Hurt_ad_b_w_1 Click here to see it full size. Check it out--you might see some familiar faces!!

This is a good reminder to get those applications in and to make the commitment to step up your training (I am talking to myself here!) in preparation for the H.U.R.T. 100!

Applications and all race information is available under the heading H.U.R.T. 100 Race Links.

Good training! Aloha, Bob

More Plain Photos

I received a CD today from Jeff Huff that has more photographs from the recent Plain 100 run.

I uploaded the photo's into the existing Plain album (click here) Unfortunately, the order is all messed up. I apologize for that. However these photo's show some of the other competitors at the pre-race (you can see us all studying our maps and notes) briefing. There are also photo's of the two finishers as they cross the finish line.

Of course one finisher was our own Jeff Huff. Also some good shots of Bob Murphy and Jeff on the trails. They look cold too!! I thought maybe they were moving fast enough to not get cold like the rest of us. :-)

Aloha, Bob

HURT 100 Call For Pacers

Aloha Runners,

The HURT 100 B.O.D. met today and we have decided to use this forum to find pacers for the HURT 100 to be contested on January 14-15, 2006. Pacers are allowed 1 hour prior to sundown until the end of the race. Interested pacers should have knowledge of the trails and experience with night time running on those trails. Pay for pacers is limited to food from the aid stations and sincere gratitude from the sorry soul whose butt you will push across the finish line. Interested parties should contact John Salmonson at hurtpals@aol.com. It is a great way to get indoctrinated into the world of Ultrarunning.