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September 2005

2005 Plain 100 Report and Photos

H.U.R.T. runners Don Fallis, Bob Murphy, Jeff Huff, Cheryl Loomis, and Bob McAllaster along with HURTpal Leon Draxler recently participated in the Plain 100. Clicking here will take you to my (very long) report on this event.

It was cold, wet, and muddy and we had rain, snow, hail, and even a rainbow just to make us feel at home. Murphy and Jeff were two of only four runners to make it out on the second loop.

Congratulations go to Jeff for finishing this race and to Bob Murphy for coming so close to finishing. It's a tough race!

I think Jeff is working on his report and we will post it soon. Click here to see some photo's.

Aloha, Bob

New Subscription Service: FeedBlitz

I have been busy with many other projects however one frustration has been solved. Bloglet subscription service has been very unpredictable and unstable. Customer service or support was non-existent so I am happy to announce a replacement service, FeedBlitz.

I became aware of FeedBlitz through Denise Wakeman (Build a Better Blog) and appreciate her locating this alternative service. I first contacted FeedBlitz a couple of weeks ago via e-mail on a Saturday and had a response back within a couple of hours. Very good service indeed, considering it was from FeedBlitz founder, Phil Hollows. Importing existing subscribers is easy and you should start receiving updates via FeedBlitz now. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

H.U.R.T. Contributes to Katrina!

We have probably all been glued to CNN this past week and each of us has been touched in some way by what we have seen in the aftermath of the devastation and heartbreak caused by Katrina.

Roger Wrublik (a HURT Veteran and finisher) has organized a relief effort in support of Dr. Tyler Curiel. Tyler is a physician and ultra runner who was featured on CNN this past week after he (and others) came under gunfire from thugs in New Orleans as he tried to evacuate patients from Charity Hospital.

In support of Tyler and all of the victims of Katrina, I have made a $500 donation on behalf of H.U.R.T. through Roger's organization. Roger believes that since Tyler is right there, he can make the best decision on where the money should be spent.

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