Mahalo to the Sat. 8/20 Trail Workers
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Birthday Run Thanks!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to support and run in Sunday's training run. It was a beautiful day on the trails and lots of runners (See below for the some of the names) took advantage to get out on the trails. First, thanks to Don Fallis and Cheryl Loomis (and their spouses) for letting them switch their training day to Sunday. They accompanied me on this entire journey and were real strong all the way to the finish.

Thanks to Rex and Kat and John and PJ for supply refreshingly cool drinks and food along the way!

A big mahalo goes to my wife Barbi and family for making the finish extra special with a great feast for the finish!!

In addition to Don and Cheryl, Judy and Bozo also started early. Thanks for the fun lei Don and Bozo! My phone rang early as we headed up the Maunawili trail with a birthday call from my sister in Michigan. She had a tough time understanding how I was celebrating my birthday! :-)

We saw lots of runners along the way and many were just out enjoying the day. Early on Maunawili trail we ran into Akabill and Mark running strong.

Kat, PJ, Joe (from Seattle) and Artur, all joined in at the Pali Lookout. Down at Nuuanu, Jeff and Bob also joined in for the fun. At the top of Nuuanu waiting for us was Pizza Pete. It was getting to be quite a large party along the trails.

As we headed down to the Nature Center, we came across Vernon who joined in as well. Later on our return we ran into Greg who was looking real strong and ready to try out the very recently improved Manoa Cliffs Trail.

We were also hearing of other people out for the day training. Reportedly, Joseph, Gordon, Nick and his wife, Mike and Cliff, Barbi, Kim, and Eddy were all out training.

My apologies if I am missing or forgetting to mention anyone.

Truly, it was an incredible day. Even on our return we were taking time to enjoy the colors, flowers, sunset and views along the way. Thanks to everyone who made this day great!

Aloha, Bob


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