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July 2005

Thank You Kelly

Just wanted to say thanks to Kelly Hupp for a great job a few weeks ago with the Keiki triathlon.

My kids have done most of the races for the past few years and I gotta say this was the best race yet.

It was well oranized and run as well as a safe venue for such an event. We had many friends also racing who expressed similar praises. I truly hope the Hale Koa will host this event again and

maybe even more like it. Thanks again Kelly!


The Dewald Family


Aloha again Runners!

Pending final approval from DLNR, HURT runners are planning to refurbish the rutted section of Manoa Cliffs Trail between Kalawahine and the trex sign.  We hope to get this done before the Trek and of course, HURT VI.

We have presented a few options to DLNR for consideration:

     1.  Cut down the remaining bank and regrade existing trail section.

     2.  Cut a new trail section to bipass the rutted area and divert drainage to minize future erosion.

Work Date:  20 August 2005

Time:  TBA

Meet:  Hawaii NC lower parking area.  We may also do a carpool up to concrete road.

Bring:  Lunch, water, bugspray, hat, etc.  DLNR will provide tools and gloves.

We also plan to work on the muddy sections of Nahuina later this year, when new equipment arrives.  Plans include bringing in gravel, redirecting drainage, and building boardwalks.

The upcoming work will be a good chance to "give back" to the trail system that we enjoy and use so frequently.  Please let me know if you are able to help on 20 August. 


Mike G.

Email responses to: mygarcia1@verizon.net 



As mentioned in  an earlier post, DLNR will be cutting a new trail from the lower parking area up to the NC.

Have found out that almost the entire NC area from the base of the mountain  to the stream below was once an Aboretum.  Many of the non-native plants we see on various local trails came from that source.  Attached are some interesting plants you will see along parts of the new trail .

Variant_of_plumeria_1 Interesting_plants_about_midway_thru Cigar_tree Start_of_new_trail Looking_back_at_parking_area

The new Nature Center building is almost done.  Work is beginning on the interior finish, and landscaping soon to follow.  FYI, the old restrooms will be refurbished and made ADA accessible. Handicap parking stalls will be built in front of the restrooms (where our HURT V aid station was this year).

New_nc_bldg Rear_view_of_new_nc_bldg

See you at Volcano Marathon!


Mike G.

NA ALA HELE Trail Advisory Board Meeting


Just a few bits of information from tonight's Trail Advisory meeting:

     1.  Due to continued tort damage claims plus at least 15 reported auto break-ins at Manoa Falls, the upper parking lot is permanently closed.  Parking is available at Paradise Park for $5.00 or you may park in the neighborhood below.  Be careful when parking at the NC!

     2.  Summer YCC Program Technicians have worked hard to clear and grade parts of the Manoa Cliffs Trail. HURT will be doing Trail work on the eroded sections above Kalawahine on 20 August.  Details to follow shortly in a separate post.

     3.  The Sierra Club has started transport of gravel onto the Manoa Falls Trail.  We should have a nicely groomed trail for HURT VI!

     4.  DLNR plans to cut a new bipass trail from the new parking area up to NC soon.  The primary reason is safety.  There is a dangerous mix of pedestrians and service vehicles on the narrow entry road.  The new trail will be on the upper side and comes out just above the rock walls where our HURT 100 pre-race is held.  Runners can expect to see lots of interesting plants that remain from an aboretum that once graced the area.


Mike G.

Aloha HURTS by Rayna Matsuno

This was submitted by Rayna after her recent visit to Hawaii which included one H.U.R.T. loop. Rayna is running her first 100 mile race this coming weekend, the Vermont 100 mile Endurance Run.

Aloha (“love”) H.U.R.T.s

Previous trips to Hawaii have consisted of indulging in only three things: quality time with my ‘ohana (“family”), the beach, and food. Having recently added ultrarunning to my list of hobbies, I decided it would be lots of fun to join the Hawaii Ultrarunning Team (H.U.R.T.) on one of their Saturday training runs. I made contact with two of its members, Don Fallis and Bob McAllaster, and mentioned my interest in running with the group. Both were very welcoming and friendly, and I could feel the spirit of aloha…until Bob indicated plans to run one loop of the H.U.R.T. 100, a 5-loop course starting at the Hawaii Nature Center in Makiki. Hurt_lowres

Click on photo to enlarge it.

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Google Earth

My soon-to-be fifteen year-old son has introduced me to something pretty cool.

It is called Google Earth. It is something you download and then you can see 3D and topo maps of practically anywhere in the world.

I know this has limited relationship to trail or ultra running, however it is a very cool way to check out your favorite destinations.

Badwater: Monica and Don

As many of you know, Don Fallis has gone to Badwater as part of the team supporting and pacing Monica Scholz. (This is what overly modest Don called "another trip to the mainland.")

Live race coverage will be available by clicking here.

The Badwater race starts Monday (7/11) morning from Badwater in Death Valley and goes for 135 miles up to the Mount Whitney Portals. It is arguably one of the hardest ultra races due to the extreme heat challenges.

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I don't know how many times in my life I have gained a new perspective, only to lose it again. I do know it is many. It continues to amaze me how easily we take the blessings in our lives for granted.

Picture this: It is 0330hrs, it has been raining for nearly two weeks and you are climbing out of Makiki Valley via Nahuina. You are tired from weeks of training and you are seriously questioning what you are doing out here, at this time of day, in this weather. As you reach the switchbacks you sink your foot, well above your ankle, into a leptosporotic cocktail of fermented guava, mud, pua'a doo doo, mud, shi shi of at least 31 flavors, more mud, and I am certain numerous other tropical delights. If you are like me, at least on the day I am describing, the silence is broken by a string of explicatives that would have made Bob Murphy blush even back in his submariner days. You see, my plan was to keep my feet dry. I was in no mood for macerated feet.

There are days when I loath our trails. The thought of even a short loop from here-to-there is overwhelming. I just want to run on an even surface, that is reasonably non-technical, and dry, dry, dry. You know, the kind where you can almost take a nap while getting in a good tempo run. Well, my wish has nearly come true.

Over the last week I have been running on trails that approximate the above description. While more challenging than expected, that is semi-technical and hilly, they are very dry. It has been a great experience overall. A completely new area with dozens of miles to explore. I have had a chance to clear my mind and to realize the grattitude I have for the ability to run wherever it may be. But, I am especially grateful for the ability to run (and wallow) on our nasty, muddy, rocky, rooty trails, where it is hard to get in a good nap while finishing your second H.U.R.T. loop.

See you out there!

Brian Wilson

Western States 100 Report by Bob Murphy

2005 WS100

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic, but I did have some super highs and some super lows. I felt really strong going up Emigrant Pass, but the ice took a lot of mental and physical energy to get through. I went down a couple of times and took a standing 8 once. I changed my style from slow and careful to reckless abandon. I didn’t want to go that fast, but I had better footing the quicker I moved on the ice. Going fast will take a toll later in the day. The highlight of the high country was when I lost my footing and slid down a steep hill without hitting the ground. I heard the guys behind me say, “wow, did you see that guy!” I wanted to turn around and taunt those wimps, but my heart was beating too fast.

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