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August 2005

Volunteers needed for Makiki Wai


This Saturday, 27 August, Na Ala Hele is seeking volunteers to come out and help on a project called the Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative or commonly known as Makiki WAI ("WAI" is Hawaiian for water).

What to expect:  The new Makiki Aboretum Trail will be the focus of work.  It will connect the lower parking area and NC - plans are to eventually close the road to foot traffic.  Volunteers will install recycled plastic cribbing and help improve the trail.  Families are welcome, but young children must be well supervised.

When/Where:  Saturday, 27 August from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  Meet at the Makiki Forestry Baseyard.  Volunteers may park in the small lot behind the restrooms.  Gate will be unlocked - please  be sure to put the chain back onto the post after passing through.

Bring:  Long shirt, pants, bug juice, water, lunch and shoes.

Hope some of you can come out to help!


Mike Garcia

Much Improved Manoa Cliffs Trail

Mahalo to all of you who took the time to come out and work this past Saturday!  As a result of your efforts, the armpit high trenches on Manoa Cliffs Trail are history.  Am certain that runners and hikers alike will enjoy the now gentle trail.

We have more work to do in the future and I will keep you posted.  Again, a heartfelt
Mahalo for giving back to the trail system!




Judy_nick_and_huffer Mae_making_sure_the_final_grade_is_perfe


Birthday Run Thanks!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to support and run in Sunday's training run. It was a beautiful day on the trails and lots of runners (See below for the some of the names) took advantage to get out on the trails. First, thanks to Don Fallis and Cheryl Loomis (and their spouses) for letting them switch their training day to Sunday. They accompanied me on this entire journey and were real strong all the way to the finish.

Thanks to Rex and Kat and John and PJ for supply refreshingly cool drinks and food along the way!

A big mahalo goes to my wife Barbi and family for making the finish extra special with a great feast for the finish!!

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Mahalo to the Sat. 8/20 Trail Workers

Hopefully Mike Garcia will be posting some information and perhaps even some photos from this past Saturday's work day. (??)

However, I just want to say thank you for the work that was done!! I have heard around 12 people showed up to do some hard work on an eroded section of the Manoa Cliffs Trail and yesterday I was able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The trail was almost unrecognizable, it was improved so much. One runner was even heard saying "is this the same trail?" With all this new trail work, watch for record times at the upcoming Tantalus Trek and Triple Trek.

Thanks for coordinating this Mike!! Thanks to Arron and DLNR for their support as well.

Aloha, Bob


Aloha Trail Runners!

Just received approval from DLNR - HURT runners will be doing repair work on the Manoa Cliffs Trail later this month!

We plan to correct the deeply eroded "S-Curve" section between Kalawahine and the Trex sign - this will be nice for the Trek, especially the triple.  Plans are to either regrade the existing section of trail or bypass it entirely.

This is one of the few opportunities for us to noticably "give back" to the trail system.  Hope you will all make some time to come out and kokua. 

Date:  Saturday, 20 August 2005

Time:  Meet @ Hawaii NC - 0800

Bring:  Lunch, water, bug spray, sunscreen and good attitudes.  Tools and gloves will be supplied by DLNR.

Duration of work:  Until Pau... but if you have to leave early, it's alright.

Confirm:  please email Mike - mygarcia1@verizon.net


Mike Garcia