Trail Work/Maint. Announcements

Na Ala Hele Trail Advisory Council Report


Here is some interesting info from this month's Trail Advisory Council meeting:

     1.  Completion of the new Hawaii Nature Center building will be delayed until sometime next year.  The contractor has yet to solve a drainage problem with the building.

     2.  Sierra club volunteers will continue to work until October 23rd on Manoa Falls trail improvements. Their work consists primarily of spreading gravel on the existing trail.  To date, it is estimated that almost 100 tons of gravel have been distributed.

     3.  Work continues on the new Makiki Aboretum trail linking the lower parking area with Nature Center.  Remember, that when complete, we will be asked to use this new section in lieu of the road.  This is a safety issue, so please kokua and give trail runners a good image.

     4.  DLNR will issue a 6 month permit on a trial basis for licensed tour operators to use Puu Ohia and part of Manoa Cliffs trail.  Tours will enter the trails at Kalawahine near Concrete road, and turn around at Paoa Flats lookout.  The group will then return via Paoa Flats trail to the trex sign, follow Manoa Cliffs to Puu Ohia, and exit to the paved parking area near the top of Tantalus.

     Group size is limited to 12 including the tour operator. Permitees are allowed on this section no more than twice daily Monday through Friday only.

     Manoa Falls is the only other authorized area for tour operations.  If you see what appears to be an organized tour group on the trails in other areas or on weekends, please note as much info as possible (lic.#, name of tour, # hikers in group, etc.) and let Aaron Lowe @ DLNR know.

     5.  Again, a hearfelt "Mahalo" to all of you who took the time  to come out and work on the Manoa Cliffs trail in August!

     Aaron Lowe had only great things to say to the Council about HURT's efforts.  He looks forward to working with HURT runners again very soon.  Currently, am in the process of becoming certified to take our volunteers out for repair work without DLNR's supervision.

     We will try for one more work session this year or early January '06 in preparation for HURT VI - stay tuned!

Mike Garcia


Volunteers needed for Makiki Wai


This Saturday, 27 August, Na Ala Hele is seeking volunteers to come out and help on a project called the Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative or commonly known as Makiki WAI ("WAI" is Hawaiian for water).

What to expect:  The new Makiki Aboretum Trail will be the focus of work.  It will connect the lower parking area and NC - plans are to eventually close the road to foot traffic.  Volunteers will install recycled plastic cribbing and help improve the trail.  Families are welcome, but young children must be well supervised.

When/Where:  Saturday, 27 August from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  Meet at the Makiki Forestry Baseyard.  Volunteers may park in the small lot behind the restrooms.  Gate will be unlocked - please  be sure to put the chain back onto the post after passing through.

Bring:  Long shirt, pants, bug juice, water, lunch and shoes.

Hope some of you can come out to help!


Mike Garcia

Much Improved Manoa Cliffs Trail

Mahalo to all of you who took the time to come out and work this past Saturday!  As a result of your efforts, the armpit high trenches on Manoa Cliffs Trail are history.  Am certain that runners and hikers alike will enjoy the now gentle trail.

We have more work to do in the future and I will keep you posted.  Again, a heartfelt
Mahalo for giving back to the trail system!




Judy_nick_and_huffer Mae_making_sure_the_final_grade_is_perfe


Mahalo to the Sat. 8/20 Trail Workers

Hopefully Mike Garcia will be posting some information and perhaps even some photos from this past Saturday's work day. (??)

However, I just want to say thank you for the work that was done!! I have heard around 12 people showed up to do some hard work on an eroded section of the Manoa Cliffs Trail and yesterday I was able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The trail was almost unrecognizable, it was improved so much. One runner was even heard saying "is this the same trail?" With all this new trail work, watch for record times at the upcoming Tantalus Trek and Triple Trek.

Thanks for coordinating this Mike!! Thanks to Arron and DLNR for their support as well.

Aloha, Bob


Aloha Trail Runners!

Just received approval from DLNR - HURT runners will be doing repair work on the Manoa Cliffs Trail later this month!

We plan to correct the deeply eroded "S-Curve" section between Kalawahine and the Trex sign - this will be nice for the Trek, especially the triple.  Plans are to either regrade the existing section of trail or bypass it entirely.

This is one of the few opportunities for us to noticably "give back" to the trail system.  Hope you will all make some time to come out and kokua. 

Date:  Saturday, 20 August 2005

Time:  Meet @ Hawaii NC - 0800

Bring:  Lunch, water, bug spray, sunscreen and good attitudes.  Tools and gloves will be supplied by DLNR.

Duration of work:  Until Pau... but if you have to leave early, it's alright.

Confirm:  please email Mike -


Mike Garcia


Aloha again Runners!

Pending final approval from DLNR, HURT runners are planning to refurbish the rutted section of Manoa Cliffs Trail between Kalawahine and the trex sign.  We hope to get this done before the Trek and of course, HURT VI.

We have presented a few options to DLNR for consideration:

     1.  Cut down the remaining bank and regrade existing trail section.

     2.  Cut a new trail section to bipass the rutted area and divert drainage to minize future erosion.

Work Date:  20 August 2005

Time:  TBA

Meet:  Hawaii NC lower parking area.  We may also do a carpool up to concrete road.

Bring:  Lunch, water, bugspray, hat, etc.  DLNR will provide tools and gloves.

We also plan to work on the muddy sections of Nahuina later this year, when new equipment arrives.  Plans include bringing in gravel, redirecting drainage, and building boardwalks.

The upcoming work will be a good chance to "give back" to the trail system that we enjoy and use so frequently.  Please let me know if you are able to help on 20 August. 


Mike G.

Email responses to: 



As mentioned in  an earlier post, DLNR will be cutting a new trail from the lower parking area up to the NC.

Have found out that almost the entire NC area from the base of the mountain  to the stream below was once an Aboretum.  Many of the non-native plants we see on various local trails came from that source.  Attached are some interesting plants you will see along parts of the new trail .

Variant_of_plumeria_1 Interesting_plants_about_midway_thru Cigar_tree Start_of_new_trail Looking_back_at_parking_area

The new Nature Center building is almost done.  Work is beginning on the interior finish, and landscaping soon to follow.  FYI, the old restrooms will be refurbished and made ADA accessible. Handicap parking stalls will be built in front of the restrooms (where our HURT V aid station was this year).

New_nc_bldg Rear_view_of_new_nc_bldg

See you at Volcano Marathon!


Mike G.

NA ALA HELE Trail Advisory Board Meeting


Just a few bits of information from tonight's Trail Advisory meeting:

     1.  Due to continued tort damage claims plus at least 15 reported auto break-ins at Manoa Falls, the upper parking lot is permanently closed.  Parking is available at Paradise Park for $5.00 or you may park in the neighborhood below.  Be careful when parking at the NC!

     2.  Summer YCC Program Technicians have worked hard to clear and grade parts of the Manoa Cliffs Trail. HURT will be doing Trail work on the eroded sections above Kalawahine on 20 August.  Details to follow shortly in a separate post.

     3.  The Sierra Club has started transport of gravel onto the Manoa Falls Trail.  We should have a nicely groomed trail for HURT VI!

     4.  DLNR plans to cut a new bipass trail from the new parking area up to NC soon.  The primary reason is safety.  There is a dangerous mix of pedestrians and service vehicles on the narrow entry road.  The new trail will be on the upper side and comes out just above the rock walls where our HURT 100 pre-race is held.  Runners can expect to see lots of interesting plants that remain from an aboretum that once graced the area.


Mike G.



This past Saturday, almost 30 volunteers mustered at the Hawaii Nature Center for Makiki Wai workday.  In addition to planting and general trail maintenance, volunteers completed the long discussed fence between Kanealole Trail and the Makiki baseyard.

HURT members, assisted by volunteers, tie-wired split bamboo pickets onto the chain-link fencing and gates to create a "rustic" looking barrier.  Please kokua with the new route by diverting onto the new trail section - go over the "HURT" bridge on the way back to NC.

Mahalo to all you HURT runners who volunteered your Saturday to come out and help!


The Trail Advisory Council met this past Tuesday.  Some of the more pertinent items discussed were:

1.  DLNR is issuing a conditional use permit to the Conservation Council for a 1 year period.  Council volunteers will be weeding and hand clearing various sections of Manoa Cliffs Trail once a month (no herbicide).  Volunteers will be allowed to work without direct supervision by DLNR personnel.  Hopefully this will provide a model for HURT members to volunteer as well.  If you see workers on Manoa Cliffs Trail while running, please be sure to stop and thank them!

2.  Negotiations are underway to lease 30 parking stalls at Paradise Park from the Wong family.  Parking will no longer be allowed at the trailhead.  There are also plans underway to install a cattle gate at the lower boundry of Paradise Park which will close the area off after hours.

3.  DLNR staffing is now complete.  Jason Misaki will be working with personnel from OCCC and Patricia Tannahill will work with volunteer groups.

4.  Construction of the new Nature Center structure is on schedule - photos attached.  NC is advertising week long summer programs for kids.  If you are interested, please give them a call.



Mahalo again to all of you who took the time to send me your thoughts concerning requests by the Commercial Trail Activity Council.  The CTAC wanted to increase the size of hiker groups, use trails on weekends, and make more trails available for commercial activity. (Click on the photo's to enlarge them)

Although the requests will be discussed further, the general consensus by Trail User groups (HURT, Hawaii Motorsport, Equestrians, Hunters, Mountain Bikers, 4-Wheelers, and Hiking groups) were not to allow the requests.  Stay tuned!

Mike Garcia



Once again, the Oahu Na Ala Hele Trails and Access Program and the Hawaii Nature Center are requesting volunteers to come out and work on the Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative.

Next workday will be on Saturday, 23 April 2005:

     1.  Meet at the Makiki Forestry Baseyard @ 0900- you may go through the gate and park in the old lot if working.

     2.  Bring hat, sunscreen, bug juice, lunch, and liquids.

     3.  Aaron will provide work gloves and tools.

     4.  Work may include weeding or clearing, laying gravel, painting bridges, watering and planting Hawaiian native plants.

     5.  "Pau hana" will be at 1400, but if you need to leave a little earlier, that will be fine.

Hope to see you there!

Mike Garcia