Races Outside of Hawaii

Judy Carliccio takes 1st place Women's Victory

Judy Carluccio who recently moved from Hawaii to New Mexico was the 1st woman finisher and 6th place overall at the WEST TEXAS JACKRABBIT RALLY.

Congratulations Judy! This was a 28.5 mile or 46K run.

Here's a partial quote from what Race Director Mark Dorion wrote on his report to the Ultralist: "Men's winner Skaggs received the prestigious Clifton Cup (named in honor of legendary wild west trail runner Eric Clifton), women's winner Judy Carluccio received the Amalia Cup (named for a fast young cowgirl named Amalia Dorion), and the first over--55 silver Furtaw Cup was won by none other than Frozen Ed Furtaw himself.  We were also honored to have Olympian, former US 6-day record-holder and true gentleman Mike Allen drive down from the hills of Willcox, Arizona to take part."

Barkley Anyone?

Rumors abound, the date is unknown, finishing rates are ridiculously low, wimps and those with huge ego's need not apply. I've heard stories of grizzled, tough, ultra runners being brought to tears and crying for momma.


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More Plain Photos

I received a CD today from Jeff Huff that has more photographs from the recent Plain 100 run.

I uploaded the photo's into the existing Plain album (click here) Unfortunately, the order is all messed up. I apologize for that. However these photo's show some of the other competitors at the pre-race (you can see us all studying our maps and notes) briefing. There are also photo's of the two finishers as they cross the finish line.

Of course one finisher was our own Jeff Huff. Also some good shots of Bob Murphy and Jeff on the trails. They look cold too!! I thought maybe they were moving fast enough to not get cold like the rest of us. :-)

Aloha, Bob

2005 Plain 100 Report and Photos

H.U.R.T. runners Don Fallis, Bob Murphy, Jeff Huff, Cheryl Loomis, and Bob McAllaster along with HURTpal Leon Draxler recently participated in the Plain 100. Clicking here will take you to my (very long) report on this event.

It was cold, wet, and muddy and we had rain, snow, hail, and even a rainbow just to make us feel at home. Murphy and Jeff were two of only four runners to make it out on the second loop.

Congratulations go to Jeff for finishing this race and to Bob Murphy for coming so close to finishing. It's a tough race!

I think Jeff is working on his report and we will post it soon. Click here to see some photo's.

Aloha, Bob

Badwater: Monica and Don

As many of you know, Don Fallis has gone to Badwater as part of the team supporting and pacing Monica Scholz. (This is what overly modest Don called "another trip to the mainland.")

Live race coverage will be available by clicking here.

The Badwater race starts Monday (7/11) morning from Badwater in Death Valley and goes for 135 miles up to the Mount Whitney Portals. It is arguably one of the hardest ultra races due to the extreme heat challenges.

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Western States 100 Report by Bob Murphy

2005 WS100

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic, but I did have some super highs and some super lows. I felt really strong going up Emigrant Pass, but the ice took a lot of mental and physical energy to get through. I went down a couple of times and took a standing 8 once. I changed my style from slow and careful to reckless abandon. I didn’t want to go that fast, but I had better footing the quicker I moved on the ice. Going fast will take a toll later in the day. The highlight of the high country was when I lost my footing and slid down a steep hill without hitting the ground. I heard the guys behind me say, “wow, did you see that guy!” I wanted to turn around and taunt those wimps, but my heart was beating too fast.

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Western States Photos

Rex Vlcek took some great photo's of this past weekend's Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Click here or scroll down the right side of the blog, under Photo Albums, to see a glimpse of what this race is all about.

If you want to meet a couple of the WS participants and hear first-hand about their experiences, come out to the Kaena Point, Firecracker 10-mile Race on Saturday morning and talk story with Bob Murphy and Jeff Huff. Of course, pacer and photographer Rex Vlcek and pacer Cheryl Loomis will also have their stories to tell as well.

Reminder: Western States 100 Webcast

Just a quick reminder: Don't forget to check out www.ws100.com this weekend to follow the progress of Hawaii runners, Jeff Huff (#215) and Bob Murphy (#304) at the Western States 100. Other H.U.R.T. friends running the race include Leon Draxler (144) and Monica Scholz (F7). This 100 mile race goes from Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA.

Here's the direct link to the web cast: http://www.ws100.com/webcast/home.html

If you look at the participant list (click here), many other past H.U.R.T. 100 participant's will also be running the race. It should be quite an interesting race this year with lots of snow towards the start due to the exceptionally wet winter and spring in the Sierra Nevada mountains and all of California for that matter.

Otherwise, see you out on the trails!