Races Outside of Hawaii

Hardrock 100 Starts Today (Friday-7/14)

The Hardrock 100 starts today in Silverton, Colorado. Former Hawaii resident and HURT runner, Bob Murphy will be giving the race his best shot. The race starts at 6:00 a.m. Mountain Standard Time and there is a 48 hour time limit. Click this link for race updates: http://www.hardrock100.com/index.asp Click Hardrock for more general info on the race.

Bob's bib number is 156. He has Don and Cheryl with him to crew and pace him. This race has been won the last three years by 2006 HURT 100 winner Karl Meltzer. There are several other past HURT participants competing at Hardrock including Peter Bakwin who is reportedly attempting a double Hardrock, completing his first 100 miles at about the time the official race begins. Good luck to Bob and all the other runners!!

Western States 2006

What a race!  This was my first time at Western States and my first long run since cancer.  So both milestones in one venue.  I saw so many HURT runners and friends in Squaw Valley, and they were all so interested in my recovery.  That was so cool.  I headed to WS to pace my best friend Erik on his second 100 miler.  His first saw some issues around mile 75, so he trained smarter for this race.

The temperature was already climbing and planned to be over 110 in the valleys.  We went over his game plan carefully, pace at every aid station and where I would pick him up. Of course every plan needs to be flexible, and I worked on options.  I felt strong so I was ready to be his handler with his wife all day from 3am to whenever, and then pace from whenever to the finish.  Our original plan was to pick him up at Rucky Chucky Far, mile 78, and bring him in.

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Primal Quest Adventure Race

The Primal Quest Adventure Race is back after a one-year hiatus. The race is taking place in and around the canyonlands of Utah. Just like the WS 100, (there is even a reference to this on the PQ site, click here) temperatures are hot and this is expected to take a heavy toll on the 89, 4-person coed teams participating. The usual suspects, I mean participants, are right up there in the front. Ultra runner Dave Mackey is on Team Spyder and they are currently in second place. Click here for the leaderboard. Look around the site as there is all kinds of information here.

Western States 100 is Saturday, Link for Live Results

The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race starts tomorrow morning. In an article from the Redding Searchlight, it talks about the top women's runners, including some past HURT participants. Click here to read it.

Temperatures are supposed to be brutally hot in the canyons this year, possibly over a 100-degrees.

You can follow the race through real time updates at www.ws100.com/webcast/home.html

I don't think we have any Hawaii runners this year (lots of HURT friends though) however, Paul Sibley is up there pacing a friend. Good luck to all the runners!! Stay cool and run smart!!

Running a 100 Miler in Canada

Running a 100 Miler at 64 in Canada (long version)

It was interesting to see the looks of pity that I received as I limped thru the door of the Toronto airport. "Poor crippled old man" was written all over their faces. Little did they know that this "poor crippled old man" had just completed a 100 mile run less than 20 hours before. They couldn't see the pride that consumed me for the grimaced look on my face, from carrying 2 big bags and pulling a big suitcase. But, believe me, the pride was there in full force. It had been my best 100 miler to date, with a PR of 28:00:11. It all started with the joy of running the first 12.5 mile loop with runners totally out-of-my-league, including my wonderful friend, "the ultimate super chick", Monica Scholz.  It was so much fun, as I felt great and was running easy through the cool, early morning, crossing bridges over streams that seemed larger than two years ago when I did the race. Recent heavy rains were probably the cause. The conditions were perfect ! I commented to one of the guys that I was running with that "I shouldn't be up here with you guys and I'm going to pay for it later". But I didn't care...it was just too much fun ! As the day heated-up, many of the local Canadian runners were complaining about the heat, which I felt was not a problem. It was nothing like what we experience in Hawaii. Running shirtless, I never felt overheated. The heat must have been real for many, as I'd never seen so many runners vomiting in a 100 miler. Following Monica's advice, to stay on the cool side,I continued run shirtless through most of the night, amid many comments of "aren't you cold?" One thing for sure, you really keep moving when you're freezing ! Brrrrr ! I had planned to put on my long-sleeve Patagonia HURT shirt at one point in the early morning, but due to my brain-dead condition, accidentally ran off without it. It was a very chilly loop. The Sulphur Springs Trail Races are big deal for the folks in and around the beautiful, small town of Ancaster.  There are lots of other races of different distances going on, with many volunteers, including friends and families. It's a trip to come back after finishing a loop to people cheering you on and with loud music (sometimes a band) playing. This particular 100 mile race was very different for me, as it was my first experience without my loyal pacer, Vernon Char. During the night I spent almost all the time alone, which I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed.  The sights, sounds and smells of the night are really something special to experience. The area has quite a number of deer and I also spotted a cute fox (sorry...animal type) and a squirrel. True to my prediction, there was a time that I paid dearly for going out way too fast on the first loop. Strangely enough, it came early, on the 3rd loop. The only stupid mistake I made, other than going out too fast, (and not putting a shirt on) was not cleaning rocks out of my shoes. My feet paid dearly. The course is very different from what we are used to in Hawaii, (especially the HURT 100 course). The roots and rocks that we are used to are replaced primarily with smooth dirt  that you can actually stand upright and run on. Imagine that ! It was special race for me, as generally all 100 milers are. As I was leaving Monica's, we hugged, and she whispered in my ear "I'm proud of you". Her words will remain special to me forever !             Don Fallis                            

Just Off To Run a 100 Miles

Ss While many of us are getting ready for a nice three day weekend coming up with the Memorial Day Holiday, someone we all know is off  to run a 100 mile race!

I want to wish Don Fallis luck, success, strong legs, and best wishes as he heads out to Canada to run the Sulfur Springs 100 Mile Trail Race. Those of us who have talked with Don recently know he has been putting in some long miles in preparation for this race. What you may not know is that he decided to do this race just a few short weeks ago.

This race is in Monica Scholz's backyard so to speak and she talked Don into motivating himself to send in his application, make the travel plans, and get to the race. Don completed this race (with HURTpal Leon Draxler) back in 2004. We all look forward to hearing about the race.

Get Out and Run!, Aloha, Bob

Congratulations !

Aloha Athletes !

A large group of local HURT runners led by our very own Cheryl Loomis ventured to the Bay area and conquered the Miwok 100k. Congratulations to all, including Gil Loomis, Steve Dewald (who had sub-14 hour finishes), Cheryl, Rex Vlcek and Kat Tagaca (who finished her first 100k...yea Kat !) It was reported that they had a blast ! Some other HURT Runners, now living on the mainland, had some performances to make us proud. Congratulations to everyone !!

Click here to see the results!


Good Luck to Miwok Runners

Many regular H.U.R.T. runners, friends, and past H.U.R.T. 100 participants are off later this week to San Francisco to participate in the Miwok 100K. For some it is their first ultra of this distance, for many others it is a great opportunity to qualify for Western States. The race is run on trails in the Marin Headlands area just over the Golden Gate bridge.

Looking at 2006 entrant's list, it looks like a fast race will be contended on both the men's and women's side.

Good Luck to all and stay out of the poison oak!

Aloha, Bob

HELP! Cincinnati Marathon Needs Hawaiian for Flying Pig

Please Help!!  Do you know anyone who might be interested in a free entry for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday, May 7th this year?  I am a volunteer for the marathon.  We have entrants from every state but yours.  We will give a free entry to anyone willing to do the full--it is worth $80.
Who can I contact/network with in your state to try to find somebody willing to party in Cincinnati in a few weekends?  (Free housing at my cool townhouse available).  I might even provide airport pick-up/drop-off.
Please let me know today! Runners World ranks it as one of the top 10 most fun marathons--its has a cool medal and famous goodie bag.
Please pass this on to your friends/network.  Thank you!
-John Cressey, 513-703-1854