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REQUEST FOR VOLUNTEERS 2014 HURT100 Race, Nature Center, Start-Finish Line

The Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT), is putting on the fourteenth annual 100 mile trail race on Jan. 18 and 19th.  We start at the Makiki Nature Center on Sat at 6am. The cut-off is Sunday, 6pm.

My husband, John, and I, are organizing the start-finish line aid station, and putting together our team of volunteers again. We will also have a contingent of volunteers from Tripler, thanks to Joel Jenkins.

Basically our volunteers help prepare aid station food- fruit, sandwiches, cookies, soups- and keep levels of the water and Gatorade coolers full. Volunteers also greet the runners as they come in, and cater to their every needs- help them get to their drop bag, fill their water bottles, show them where the food it, cheer them on! etc.

After the 6am start, the runners start coming back into our aid station late Saturday morning, from the first of five 20 mile loops. The route is Nature Center- Paradise Park- Nuuanu Jackass Ginger- Nature Center, via the trails. They run throughout the night, and some right up to 6 pm Sunday.

Half of our runners are from the mainland, Canada, China, & Japan, Iceland, Russia, Chili, Australia, Germany this year. It is inspiring to watch them come in and out of our aid station, and rewarding to help them get through a grueling race.

We are looking to fill the following shifts with about three-four volunteers each shift:

·         Sat     10 am to 4 pm    lot of food prep and kitchen set up for the duration

·         Sat     4 pm to 10pm-    the usual runner assistance

·         Sat     10 pm to Sun 4 am           "

·         Sun     4am to 10 am                  "

·         Sun     10 am to 5 pm                 "

·         Sun      5 pm to 7 pm  tear-down and clean-up

Other miscellaneous jobs include:

·         1 pm Friday for the Mandatory Runner's Mtg- parking nazi for 2 hours, at entrance to Nature Center

·         4:15 am Saturday, parking Nazi at entrance to Nature Center, until 5:45 am

·         7 am to 10 am- help with aid station set-up (organize runner's drop bags)

·         5:30 am- set up glow lights along beginning of trail for the start

·         An aid station volunteer to replace PJ (out on special duty) for about 5 hours, some time middle of the night

·         on- call gofers,  any time

If you wish to volunteer, please email PJ at, or call me at 351-1453 to I can schedule you in.   Many thanks, PJ Salmonson


H.U.R.T. 2014 Event-Runner Update #1

Entrant List / Wait List:

To date there has been no movement on the wait list. Typically we start to see accepted runners withdraw from the event starting in October. For those accepted runners in the event be advised that you have until 11/15/13 to withdraw to receive the $100.00 refund if a wait listed runner accepts the slot. After 11/15/13 there will be no refund (except for dinner tickets prior to 1/1/14). For those currently on the wait list once an invitation to register for the event is sent you will have 3 days to complete the registration process with payment, otherwise the invitation will be revoked and passed on to the next wait listed runner. No wait listed runners will be added after 12/31/13.

If for any reason you would like to drop from the event and / or wait list please email Jeff Huff at at your earliest convenience.

Aihualama Trail Update:

We're in continual conversations with the DLNR regarding the Aihualama trail closure. As most of you know the closed trail impacts ingress and egress into Manoa and subsequently the Paradise Park aid station. All parties remain very optimistic that the repairs to the Aihualama Trail will be completed in time. However, we're also currently exploring alternatives trails and route designs that will provide an equally challenging 100 mile course on most of the currently used  trails. We will keep you apprised of any additional information as we move forward.

Banquet Tickets:

For those who have not purchased banquet tickets for the Monday evening gala, there is a link on the HURT 100 page on Ultrasignup to do so. Tickets are nearly sold out, so you don’t want to delay.

Best of luck with the training.

HURT 100

2013 HURT Lottery Link For The 2014 Event

The 2013 HURT lottery will be on 8/4/2013 starting at 2 pm (HST).

Recall, that we will draw between 125-130 in the lottery. Over 280 people registered for the event, some of who had quite a few kukui nuts while others had just a couple. However, the beauty of the lottery regardless of "how many nuts one has" is that it still remains random. Who knows what a computer will do in the selection. Have faith, you all have hope.

If you would like to follow the action simply click on the Lottery Link , you can view and refresh your browser as the names are pulled.

For those in Honolulu we will be having a lottery party, details below:

Place: Huff residence,1639 Ala Makani Place, Honolulu, HI. (Moanalua Valley)

Date & Time: Party starts at 1 pm (HST), lottery starts promptly at 2 pm (HST) on 8/4/2013.

What to bring: The HURT is providing burgers, hot dogs, and beans. We also will have water, soda, juice and beer. Larry will have the grill fired up and the first batch of dogs / burgers ready at 1 pm. If you like, please bring 1 small side dish, some fuit or anything you desire to share (potluck style). Please don't bring too much as we always have too much food. You also need to bring a good attitude. This should be fun. Having said that some may go home sad since it is a lottery and you might not get selected. Family members welcome.

If you are allergic to dogs, please know we have two small hounds running about the house / property throughout the day. They both have a keen knowledge of the who the real runners are. Affectionate displays or willingness of the dogs to approach you might mean the dogs know something that we at the HURT 100 don't know (Fish will likely have some dog bones). If they run off the property I will be asking all those in attendance to head up the hill with me to look for them. We will reward an extra nut for next year's lottery if this were to happen.


HURT 100

Aihualama Trail Statement

The H.U.R.T. 100 race management has been in discussions with the State of Hawaii DLNR regarding the current closure of Aihualama Trail on the Honolulu Mauka Trail System. The DLNR has been apprised of the upcoming race registration for the H.U.R.T. 100, and through our dialogue and ongoing communications with the DLNR it is the belief that the trail will be ready for the event in January.

Race management strongly encourages runners and hikers alike to observe the trail closure, until the necessary repairs can be made and the trail opened.

H.U.R.T. 100

2014 H.U.R.T. Registration


We are pleased to announce that registration for the lottery for the 2014 H.U.R.T. 100, to be contested on 1/18/14 through 1/19/14, will open on 7/22/13 and conclude on 7/29/13.

Registration for the event will once again be provided by Ultrasignup.

The race lottery selection will occur on 8/4/13 at the Huff house in Moanalua Valley, details of the party will follow at a later date.

On behalf of the H.U.R.T. 100 thank you for considering the event.



2013 HURT 100 Finish Line Video

Aloha Athletes,

Many of us beleive the best part of the HURT 100 is watching the finishers come in between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. Sunday. For many, this is the most emotional part of the race as runners are up against the 36 hour time limit. Once runners leave the last aid station (Nuuanu/Jackass Ginger), it can take 2-3 hours to get back to the finish line. Everyone is pulling for the runners to make it before the cutoff. 

This year photographer Augusto Decastro captured some of this on video and this was shared at the post-race dinner on Monday night. Here it is again for you to enjoy. Thank you Augusto for capturing this.

HURT 100 Finish Video



2013 HURT 100 Results and More

Aloha Athletes,

Another incredible HURT 100 is over. We have a new course record set by the previous course record holder, Gary Robbins. Gary's time of 19:35 is incredible. When I got involved with HURT 10 years ago no one had ever run under 24 hours on the course. Competition brings out the best in us and Jason Loutitt, winner of the last two HURT 100's bested his own previous winning time by about 50 minutes finishing 2nd. Third place went to two-time HURT runner Nickademus Hollon. Watch out ultra world as Nick is just 22 years old and he improved his HURT time by about 3 hours. 


Hannah Roberts was the women's winner and set a course PR for herself by 3 hours of 25:41. Hannah is a two-time winner taking the win in 2011 as well. Hannah had a pretty incredible 2012 winning the Zion 100 miler, running Badwater in 34:26 and tying for the win at Cascade Crest. She currently does all of this as a Navy Officer. 

Second and third place women were first timers to HURT. Second place Melanie Bos ran a 26:50 after taking a wrong turn at one point on the course. Melanie is from Kelowna, BC., a town near and dear to Barbi and me as Barbi's parents lived in Vernon. Third place woman was Candice Burt running 28:35. Candice rolled her ankle early in the race yet was able to perservere and get it done.

The HURT 100 is not just about the winners and top three finishers. Some people think the best part of HURT is watching the finishers who come in between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. That is the last two-hours and often times the most emotional. This year was no different. We had first time finishers and several who had attempted HURT multiple times get their first finish. Congratulations to all the runners!

2013 Results

HURT would not happen without all the volunteers. We estimated 300 volunteers made it all happen this year. Volunteers helped at all three aid stations, out on the course and before and after the race. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

We also want to thank the HURT 100 Supporters. Gu Energy Labs support HURT by supplying Gu for runners throughout the race. Hoka One One donated some prizes for the post race dinner and was out supporting during the race. Runners HI and owner Ray Woo support the HURT 100 and HURT throughout the year. Check out his store in Aiea. Succeed supports HURT with S-Caps and sports drink. Other supporters include Great Harvest Bread Company-Kailua, ZombieRunner, Menehune Water Company, Honolulu Disposal ServiceUltimate Direction and Waikiki Hot Yoga. We appreciate all your support. 

The HURT 100 has certainly become popular as a race to follow. We had 165,000 hits to our live feed. Thank you to and Ultrasignup for making administration of the race seamless. 

I am probably missing something or someone here. Jeff, John, and PJ put in an incredible amount of work all year long to make the race happen. Stan Jensen also contributes a lot of time and effort to making HURT a success. Thank you for all you do.

 Aloha, Bob