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Finishing Rate by State and Country for HURT100 (2016)

The table below shows the breakdown of finishing rate by State and Country.

Czech Republic 1/1 100%
Costa Rica 1/1 100%
Denmark 1/1 100%
Hong Kong 1/1 100%
Maryland 1/1 100%
New Jersey 1/1 100%
Philippines 1/1 100%
Utah 1/1 100%
Oregon 5/6 83%
Colorado 3/4 75%
Canada 5/7 71% (BC - 3/3, AB- 2/3, ON - 0/1)
Arizona 2/3 67%
Ohio 2/3 67% (GO CLEVELAND!)
Australia 1/2 50%
South Carolina 1/2 50%
Virginia 2/4 50%
Washington 3/7 43%
HURT100 (2016) 53/125 42% - Finishing Average
Hawaii 9/26 34% (GO WAHIAWA!)
Minnesota 1/3 33%
Japan 3/10 30%
California 7/28 25%
Illinois 1/4 25%
Forida 0/1 0%
Georgia 0/1 0%
GBR 0/1 0%
IN 0/1 0%
NC 0/1 0%
TX 0/1 0%
NY 0/2 0%


The table below shows the breakdown of finishing rate by Region.

(AZ, CO, OR, TX, UT, WA)
53/125 42% Finishing Average for HURT100 (2016)
( IL, FL, GA, IN, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, SC, VA)
(Tsk, tsk, tsk. A good % in the old days)
7/28 25% CA

Electrolytes, Volunteers and Periscope

For the HURT100 participants, we WILL NOT be able to dispense any electrolyte pills, so please bring your own. Also please bring your own pain and upset stomach medications. Gatorade will be the sports drink at the aid stations this year.

Nuuanu Aid Station is still open for volunteers!
Nature Center is in need of a conch shell blower and someone to carry out our recyclables Sunday at 6:30pm, at the end of the race.
Click on the Volunteer link to sign-up!

Are you spectating, volunteering, and/or crewing for the HURT100 and plan to use Periscope to take live videos? If you are interested to share your videos to HURT100 fans, click the Live Video Feed link.

HURT Lottery Party Details

Date: 8/2/2015

Time: 1:30 pm, Lottery begins at 2 pm (HST)

Where: 1639 Ala Makani Place (Moanalua Valley). Street parking in neighborhood, please don't block drive ways.

What To Bring: BYOB, we will have soda, juice and water. Potluck style, we will have all meat burgers and hot dogs. We expect a large crowd, beach chair is optional. Bring your running shoes, you will be tested. BRING A GREAT ATTITUDE, UNFORTUNATELY SOME WILL GO HOME UNHAPPY.

Lottery Selections Seen Here

Photos & Videos from 2015 HURT 100

Aloha Athletes,

Stan Jensen has compiled a nice list of photo and video links from the 2015 race. If you know of more, feel free to post in the comments. Enjoy!

HURT100 - 2015 Finish Line Photos (Augusto DeCastro)

2015 HURT 100 Loop 1 & 2 Pig Gate (Bob McAllaster)

HURT Image Gallery (Laura Casner)

2015 HURT 100 trail race (Kalani Pascual)

2015 HURT Nature Center A/S (Larry Bradley)

2015 HURT banquet (Larry Bradley)

HURT100 - 2015 Finish Line Video (Augusto DeCastro)

2015 HURT video (Steve Villiger)

2015 HURT 100 video (Paul Encarnacion)

See you all next year!



Saturday January 10th: Annual Week before H.U.R.T. 100 Trek Loop @ 7am

Aloha Athletes and Happy New Year! Photo by Rob Lahoe, Scot flying over the roots in Pauoa flats

For those running, pacing, and volunteering at the H.U.R.T. 100 we are less than 2 weeks away!

This Saturday, as per tradition, we are planning to run a reverse Trek loop (~10 miles) at an easy pace this Saturday starting at 7:00 a.m. from the Nature Center. Meet at the picnic tables and invite your pacer's and let's get a bunch of people out there on the trails. In years past, we have even had some early arrivals from the mainland join us.

We are looking forward to seeing all our visiting friends and H.U.R.T. ohana! 


Pace Calculator for HURT 100


Frank Schnekenburger has added the past 3 years of HURT data to his race analyzer at Ultra Splits. The site has some incredible historical data and will serve useful in preparation for the HURT 100. Thank you Frank for the fantastic work.

To those entered in the HURT, I would encourage you to look at the site and take advantage of the many attributes.





2015 HURT Lottery

Thank you all for the great 2015 HURT 100 lottery, special shout out to:

Jen and Bob for the fantastic facebook and twitter coverage of the event

Mark at Ultrasignup for his continous hard work and seamless transition from registration to kukui nut tabulation, then finally the waitlist and keeping us on track.

The runners who were brave enough to sign the dotted line and submit a registration form.

To those who did not get in, there is still the waitlist.

The numerous volunteers, aid station captains, trail safety folks, and public officials who make this event happen. Without your efforts this event would never get off the ground.

We selected 129 of our mandated 125-130 slots today. Before we can publish the wait list we need to clear the transactions of those 129. This could take 1-3 days depending upon circumstances. Please be patient as we move forward.

For those who are in book your ticket, for those who are in but vacillating think strongly if you really want to run the HURT 100 and keep in mind the deadlines to withdraw.

Great job all.


HURT 100