HURT 100 Participant, Lisa de Speville at the Patagonia Adventure Race

Remember South African, Lisa de Speville? She has been writing about a grueling (read that as sounding really fun to me) adventure race at the southern tip of South America.

The Patagonia Expedition Race covers some of the most remote and unpopulated areas of southern Chile. Click here to read more about this great adventure. 

Saturday Was Fun!!

This past Saturday was a really fun run--the last big group run before the H.U.R.T. 100. We did an easy reverse Trek route of 10 miles. The pace was supposed to be easy and we started off late for us--7:00 a.m.

I won't try to name everyone who was there since it was such a large group and I would surely slight someone by failing to mention their name. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the lead runner we were supposed to take it easy. Of course, this particular lead runner was also one of the few out there who was not entered as a participant for the H.U.R.T. 100. He set a blistering pace and what was supposed to be an easy 2:30 or 3 hour run, turned into a 2:10 sprint. Who was this speedster?

The one and only Jacob Dewald! He was helped over big rocks and such by his dad, Steve. Steve would just pick Jacob up by his Camelback and lift him up over the rocks.

We ended the run with a great potluck and fun conversation. One week from right now, it will all be history! The 2006 H.U.R.T. 100 will be over. I hope I am healthy and over this nasty cold before then!

See you all soon. Aloha, Bob

Congratulations Filiesha!

Good News!

This morning, Judge Kevin Chang presided over citizenship ceremonies for 64 people from many different countries.

Filiesha LeRand, one of our local trail divas, has officially become an American citizen.  It was certainly a long process for her but well worth the effort.  All went well until we tried to enter the courtroom... each candidate had to state their official name for the record- first, middle, and last.

For all of you who know Fileisha,  she doesn't do things the easy way.  It took quite a bit of explaining for her to convince the clerk that she had no middle name, simply a middle initial!

When you see her out there on the trails, please congratulate Filiesha on her accomplishment!



Xterra Results and Wet Trails!

Steve Dewald and Hurtpal Wendy Minor completed their double (Ironman + Xterra) this past weekend by participating in the Xterra World Championships on Maui. This race consists of a 1500 meter swim, a 30K mountain bike and a 10K trail run.

Steve had a time of 4:05. Wendy got special mention in the race report:

"Wendy Minor became the "oldest" woman to do the Hawaiian Airlines Double, finishing Ironman in 13:50:17 and XTERRA today in 5:06:43 for a combined 18:57:00." Wow, way to go Wendy!!

H.U.R.T. 100 participant, Willie Stewart also completed the race with a time of 3:57.

There were several other Hawaii participants. Check out the results at this link. Congratulations to all the competitors!!!

This past Saturday, several H.U.R.T. runners were out on the loop. We were all surprised to see Nick Kaiser out doing a "recovery" run after competing in the Ironman just the week before. This guy is amazing!!

It was muddy and sloppy on the trails. This didn't slow down the speedsters much. I heard from Paul Sibley that he and Ed Bugarin ran the loop in about 4:35. With all the rain over the last day or so, conditions will not be drying out anytime soon.

Happy training! Aloha, Bob

Ironman Results!

H.U.R.T. runners did great at Saturday's Ironman. Congratulations to each of them!!!

Nick Kaiser:

Swim 1:19 Bike 5:53:34 Run: 3:58.43 Overall 11:27:23 Finsih Position 1097

Steve Dewald

Swim 1:12:09 Bike: 5:57:34 Run 4:36:07 Overall 11:57 Finish Position 1254

Gil Loomis

Swim 1:19:46 Bike: 6:42:25 Run: 4:36:32 Overall 13:01 Finish Position 1427

Wendy Minor

Swim: 1:20:52 Bike 6:46:23 Run 5:31:24 Overall 13:50:17 Finish Position 1521

H.U.R.T. Contributes to Katrina!

We have probably all been glued to CNN this past week and each of us has been touched in some way by what we have seen in the aftermath of the devastation and heartbreak caused by Katrina.

Roger Wrublik (a HURT Veteran and finisher) has organized a relief effort in support of Dr. Tyler Curiel. Tyler is a physician and ultra runner who was featured on CNN this past week after he (and others) came under gunfire from thugs in New Orleans as he tried to evacuate patients from Charity Hospital.

In support of Tyler and all of the victims of Katrina, I have made a $500 donation on behalf of H.U.R.T. through Roger's organization. Roger believes that since Tyler is right there, he can make the best decision on where the money should be spent.

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Birthday Run Thanks!

I just want to thank everyone who came out to support and run in Sunday's training run. It was a beautiful day on the trails and lots of runners (See below for the some of the names) took advantage to get out on the trails. First, thanks to Don Fallis and Cheryl Loomis (and their spouses) for letting them switch their training day to Sunday. They accompanied me on this entire journey and were real strong all the way to the finish.

Thanks to Rex and Kat and John and PJ for supply refreshingly cool drinks and food along the way!

A big mahalo goes to my wife Barbi and family for making the finish extra special with a great feast for the finish!!

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