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H.U.R.T. 100 Director Announcement

2013 HURT 100 Lottery Selection & Waitlist Completed


After an arduous 7.5 months since the last HURT 100 we are back to the starting point for 2013. The selected entrants via the lottery can be found here.

The ordered waitlist is attached here.

We thank you all for your interest in the HURT 100. This year we had over 230 registrants for the 125 slots. For those who did not make the entry list, nor the wait list we would encourage your continued support of your local ultrarunning community to help with your Kukui nut totals for HURT 2014.

With that said we will have a major announcement in the next 3-4 days regarding 1 additional spot  for the 2013 HURT 100 to help a member of the HURT Ohana. Details will be posted on this site in the next couple of days so please check back frequently.



HURT 100



Thanks, Jeff. Sounds like I just have a few more months to keep my fingers crossed!



Last year @ 30 people accepted wait listed spots. However, we offered many more slots than that which were refused for various reasons. Hope this helps.


Congratulations to everyone who was selected for 2013!

For those of us who ended up on the wait list, how far down the list has the final entry pool extended in recent years? I'll probably start thinking about my travel plans soon so I can be a pacer or volunteer even if I don't get in, but it's my training plans I really need to worry about.

Grant Maughan

Thank you Kukui Nuts for shining on me for selection in the 2013 HURT.
Cheers, Cheers, Cheers & Aloha

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