HURT 100 Follow-up and Recovery
A Quick Album of HURT 100 Photos from Michele

Photos from the 2011 HURT 100 by Andrea Stout

Andrea Stout took a lot of really great photos (600+) throughout the race starting with the pre-race briefing all the way to the finish. I have taken these photos and broke them into 7 slideshows. If there is a photo that you see that you would like to have, feel free to download it directly from the Flickr site. Since she was here to support Sarah, Marian, and Ashley, there might be a few more photos of them, however, there are lots of other great photos here. Thank you Andrea for sharing your work and making the photos available for others. 

Slide Show 1



Slide Show 2



Slide Show 3



Slide Show 4



Slide Show 5



Slide Show 6



Slide Show 7





Thanks Andrea for the great pictures. Since I could not be there to cheer on my niece your fine pictures are the next best thing. Actually we know that even if our family were in Hawaii we could not see such shots of the race. Thank you and congratulations to all of the runners. The race sure beats having a picnic in the cold environs of the Mainland So-wee-t

ken michal

Awesome shots!!! Thanks, Andrea!

It's funny, I was so focused that I didn't notice Bob hanging out at Nuuanu!!

All Day!


HUGE thanks to Andrea for not only being an awesome crew member, but also for jumping into the role of HURT photographer extraordinaire!!!

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