2011 HURT 100 Photos by Robert Smith (UPDATED with more photos 1-24-11)
Photos from the 2011 HURT 100 by Andrea Stout

HURT 100 Follow-up and Recovery

Aloha Athletes,

I am sure many of you are full-on into your recovery from this past weekend's HURT 100. I came across something today that I shared with some other runners and I thought more of you might find it of interest. I am pretty convinced that part of our training in preparation for a 100-mile run is strengthening our endocrine system. I am sure there are other sources out there but this article does a pretty good job of covering what I want to discuss and I will leave it at that. You may or may not have experienced some of what is discussed here. It plays a big part in our recovery. Read the article here.

On another note, some people have asked about Tracy Garneau. Tracy was recognized Tuesday by Ultra Running Magazine as female Ultra Runner of the year. Geoff Roes got the men's honor.

As you know Tracy dropped out of the race this year after 40 miles. She attempted to start the third loop but came back to the start/finish and withdrew. She took a bad fall during loop one and was in extreme pain and most importantly having a hard time breathing because of the pain. Barbi spent some time with her yesterday up on the N. Shore. Tracy is traveling with a large group of other Canadians visiting Hawaii for the race. She is still in a lot of pain and has a really bruised and swollen area on the side of her pelvis. Since she is Canadian and with the health insurance issues, she will wait until she returns to Canada and get it examined more closely. She was extremely disappointed and felt it was best to stop so she could race another day. She fully intends to be back at HURT in 2012 and is hoping to heal quickly for other races in 2011. 

Aloha, Bob


ken michal

Awesome link, Bob!!! Lots of great info! This is my favorite part:
"There is a mental component as well: We are less likely to be stressed if we treat
our run as a joyous adventure instead of a life-and-death struggle. We will get
plenty of challenge from the course; let’s not add unnecessary excess baggage." Amen to that, Karl!!

I'm a huge fan of Karl's Succeed products! As a matter of fact, I used the entire line at this weekend's race!!! Right now, his recovery supplements are really helping out! I haven't felt that "hit by a truck" feeling at all and doubt I will!!! If you're reading this Karl, thanks a lot for the S! Caps and Ultra you supplied for the run!!! Both really helped keep me going out there!

I really hope you're ok and your recovery is quick!!!! Seeing what happened to such a remarkably talented runner as yourself really drives home how difficult HURT really is! We're all incredibly lucky to be able to toe the line at this monster and I can't wait to see you kick some tail on Tantalus in 2012!!!

All Day!!!

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