Race Results (Updated/corrected with splits 1/25/10)
Jan. 30 Potluck and Found Wallet

Saturday Training 1-23-10 Peacock Flats (No foolin')

Aloha Athletes !

I was asking Cheryl what everyone wanted to do this Saturday...after all, it was less than a week since the dust had settled at the HURT 100. Her answer: "everybody is talking about Peacock".  "No foolin'?" was all I could say...so, looks like it will be 7:00 am at the Dillingham Airfield control tower parking lot. Hey guys and gals, I'm impressed ! You are a tough bunch. See ya Saturday !  Don


chris richardson

directions to tantalus? how far of a run, different skill levels?
thanks, newbie

chris richardson

amazing event, you ALL rock! so glad to be part of it.
regarding sat am run; that's on the n. shore near kaena point? how far is the run, will there be different skill levels?
thanks! chris


Shucks...A bunch of us will be hitting Tantalus area again! Just cannot get enough trails!!! We will hit Peacock next time.

Rod Bien

Yo, HURTers, Rod Bien here. I'm on island for another week and runnin' like crazy.... ;)
I ran Olomana this a.m. as part of my loop but would like to get out and hammer 2nd and 3rd peaks. It'd be nice to have company as those can be a bit sketchy. If anyone is interested ( I know Huff is too much of a wuss), email me at: rod@fleetfeetbend.com
Congrats to all of you who got through another HURT 100!

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