HURT 100 Trail Marking
More on the Missing Wallet Please Read

Mainland Runner Missing Wallet at HURT 100

Aloha Runners,

What a weekend. Results will be coming, but just as important we have a mainland runner, Dennis Cook whose wallet is missing from a drop bag that was placed at the Nature Center during the HURT 100. We ask you to go through your personal drop bags to see if somehow his wallet ended up in your bag. This runner is now unable to get a hotel room, drive his rental car, and now without identification he might find it hard to fly home. He will be in attendance at the post run banquet tomorrow night. If you have come across his wallet or identification please give me a call (808)358-8638 so that we can return it to him.

Much Aloha,

Jeff Huff
HURT 100


Bob Mc.

I seriously doubt any HURT ultra runners would steal a Canadian flag off a van parked at the Nature Center. Three years ago when I finished running the HURT 100 we found our van had it's rear side window broken out parked at the Nature Center. Unfortunately all of us who live here have to deal with a few bad people who can ruin a day or a vacation by doing stupid things.

Dave Jenkins

This is not really related to the missing wallet, but the team of Canadian supporters and crew are missing a Canadian Flag that was attached to their red (Canadian colors) mini-van, that was last parked at the Nature Center yesterday, Sunday.
I guess some of the non-Canadian HURT runners and/or supporters are a little jealous of the top male and female finishers who just happen to be Canadian and felt that they had to have a little part of Canadiana for themselves!!

Ah well, such is the price of success!!!

Run well, run safe....
Dave Jenkins
Vancouver, BC. Home of Ultra-Runners.

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