More on the Missing Wallet Please Read
Saturday Training 1-23-10 Peacock Flats (No foolin')

Race Results (Updated/corrected with splits 1/25/10)


My apologies for the challenges with the HURT results.

Full results can be seen here. Splits are here.

More details will be coming a bit later. We are all a bit tired after pre-race, race, and now post race organizing, purchasing, cleaning, managing, staffing, volunteering, racing and taking care of runners.

Big mahalo (Thank You) to all the volunteers (all of us), runners, crews, families and everyone else involved with making this race a success.

Now, back to cleaning aid station gear, recovery and getting ready for tonight's awards dinner.



ken michal

Just finished unpacking and I think the TNF jacket may be mine. The one I lost is one of the rain shell running jackets, with a giant hood for the helmet we won't wear...(this is what happens when a mountain climbing gear company makes a running jacket!), Velcro sleeve closures and one breast pocket. Sadly, I didn't leave anything in the pocket to prove it was mine... If you still have it and it's the right jacket, can you email me at I'll happily reimburse you for shipping and a couple beers for your time!

All Day!


I say next year you pay someone to do the spreadsheet. 3 people over a 36 hour period for data entry, including the overtime, plus the set-up fees, the internet air time, and the bandwidth charge should cost you about 3 grand I'm guessing. You'd have to charge all the viewers 30 or 40 bucks each to see it, but at least they wouldn't have to complain about a failure (that has nothing to do with you or the VOLUNTEERS that set this up, BTW). Me personally? I want to thank you for waking about a dozen people up at 1 AM when the spreadsheet went down. And I want to thank all of those people for giving up their long weekend and fixing something that took months of pre-race preparation. Mahalo!

Mike Smith


But one of my crew did pick up a North Face jacket that was with my drop bag, large Flight Series blue and grey, which I will be bringing to the dinner. I also ended up with one black Pearl Izumi sock that I will be bringing (sorry about the condition, staying in a hotel won't be clean)...

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