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January 2010

2010 HURT 100 Photographs from Peter Daspit

IMG_1923 As many of you saw at the dinner on Monday, Peter Daspit got some great photos during the race this past weekend.

From Peter:

"If folks want the original 4 mb files resolution files for some nefarious purpose, or if they have something else I can help them out with, or just want to tell me I made their nose look too big/small, they can contact me at peterdaspit at hotmail dot com and I'll try to help them out."

You can view these photos by clicking the links below. Remember you can click on the first thumbnail photo and then it will enlarge and you can click through each album like a slide show.

Also at the bottom of each page of thumbnails there are arrows to click to the next page in the album.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Disc 6

Jan. 30 Potluck and Found Wallet

First, the wallet

Happy ending!
Ryan Seto looked in his bag after the dinner, and found the missing wallet. He called me at 11:30 (we were still up, unwinding), so I gave him the owner's phone number, and we left a message for the owner too. Long story short, Ryan spoke to the owner and drove his wallet to him. Yey!!

Secondly, I'd like to announce a post race pot-luck picnic at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden at 10 am on January 30th, across from the Equestrian Pavillian. This is towards the end of the park by the last camping area and bathrooms. It's a Saturday, and people can go over there and run early if they want. We will use that day to give away lucky number drawings for the goodies we forgot to give away at the dinner. John and I will fill a cooler and bring sodas. We can't wait to hear all the stories! We want to include all runners, their crews and pacers, volunteers etc,  Peter Daspit (our photographer), and Christopher (our Rolfer) are also be invited. Filesha LeRand will be in town and promised to come.

Please bring some food to share, a chair and bug spray.

Please contact me or Cheryl if you have any questions.

Aloha, PJ

Saturday Training 1-23-10 Peacock Flats (No foolin')

Aloha Athletes !

I was asking Cheryl what everyone wanted to do this Saturday...after all, it was less than a week since the dust had settled at the HURT 100. Her answer: "everybody is talking about Peacock".  "No foolin'?" was all I could say...so, looks like it will be 7:00 am at the Dillingham Airfield control tower parking lot. Hey guys and gals, I'm impressed ! You are a tough bunch. See ya Saturday !  Don

Race Results (Updated/corrected with splits 1/25/10)


My apologies for the challenges with the HURT results.

Full results can be seen here. Splits are here.

More details will be coming a bit later. We are all a bit tired after pre-race, race, and now post race organizing, purchasing, cleaning, managing, staffing, volunteering, racing and taking care of runners.

Big mahalo (Thank You) to all the volunteers (all of us), runners, crews, families and everyone else involved with making this race a success.

Now, back to cleaning aid station gear, recovery and getting ready for tonight's awards dinner.


More on the Missing Wallet Please Read


We are making progress on the missing wallet. A volunteer saw the wallet on the concrete pad at the Nature center next to a very large black duffel bag with open pockets on race morning. Thinking the wallet was from the open pockets the wallet was placed into the bag and bag zipped up. The volunteer said the large duffel bag was one of the bigger bags out there and there was a green piece of cloth attached to the bag. The bag was then placed in numerical order where Mr. Cook's bag would be, he was #19. I would like to ask everyone to check their bags regardless of size / color and give me a call if you have Mr. Denis Cooks wallet. The number 358-8638.