Update Number 2
Unofficial HURT 2007 Results


John Wallace III

Results Hounds, according to a VHTRC member,

The 100K was optioned by:

1. Karl Meltzer (CR)
2. Matt Hart
3. Mike Mason

Hence the times ambiguities on the excel and pdf sheets.

Not sure yet if Mathew Estes won or if Krissy and Paul tied for first.

Love the drama!


Steve- You're amazing! Just wanted you to know I'm cheering you on from DC.


Bubba Tim

Way to go Bubba Dave! Your last 20 miles is STILL ahead of my marathon pace. And why does cousin Michaelle always want to go to Hawaii instead of Dallas??? You are TOO CRAZY - Nice job w/ your 100K

Jason Bonk

When are the results for the 5th loop coming out?

Michaelle and Matt Bauer


Looks like you are doing a great job in the jungle there! Michaelle wants to congratulate you in person, but Matt won't let her.
Send us details and pictures when you are up to it. You should replenish with Nixgia Red, it is a great antioxidant, we will hook you up. Go Bears!

Lova ya!
Michaelle and Matt

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