Update Number 2
Unofficial HURT 2007 Results


From New England

For readers who do not have Excel, Microsoft has a free Excel reader. I am using it now to read the HURT results, as I do not have the Excel program.

Microsoft also has free Word and Powerpoint readers. The URL to download any of them is


John Wallace III

While were all waiting for the final results, many of the participants have great websites and blogs (and they might post a story before we see one here)


many others...

Suzy Degazon

Hi Andy, looks as if you are doing a great race. Hope you have enough energy left to enjoy Hawaii.
friends Suzy


Stephen... you are a trooper, baby!! Cory and I love you soooo much!! OH. And Chi'na too ; )

Jason B.

GO Jeff GO we are rooting for you here in St. Louie. Good Luck.

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