Update from the Race In Progress
Update number 3


Fred und Marianne Jegerlehner

Hi Beat,
we are looking to you by gps. We are very impressed. We wish you a great finish.
Fred + Marianne

Gary Bonk

Would it please be possible to get a recent update for Sunday,
Jan.14, 2007, Hawaii Hurt 100.
Family & friends really want to
know the race in process updates.

Kelly Manning


Go for it big guy! Everyone in South Dakota is pulling for you. Finish Hard.

Kelly Manning

Lisa R

You speedster, you are 4 hours ahead of schedule! Enjoy your final lap; great running. - Lisa R.

cathy joseph

No beers yet China, keep running!!!


Krissy and Matt,
Anxious to hear how you did. Your times look terrific.
Hope you are both okay.
Love, MA

Kristina and Don

Go Matt! Break that record! Then go eat lots of Ho Ho's! See you when you get back! -Don and Kristina!

John Wallace III

New update with paces and splits:


Through 100K
KARL MELTZER 12:37:49, 12:11.8 pace
MATT HART 13:28:59, 13:01.2 pace

Through 60 miles (3 laps)
MATHEW ESTES 11:43:01, 11:43 pace
JAMIE GIFFORD 13:55:57, 13:55 pace
KRISSY MOEHL 14:32:27, 14:32 pace
DAVID GOGGINS 14:45:32, 14:45 pace

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