Update number 3
HURT 2007 Random Facts

Unofficial HURT 2007 Results

Well, after a little rest, here are the "Unofficial" results from HURT 2007. We had three new course records and lots of first time finishers. The post race dinner is tonight where many race stories will be shared.

We hope to get pictures and some individual race reports up later.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the runners.

Click here to see the results.



Bob Mcallister,
Congratulations Bro,an incredible physical and mental achievement.The "demons" are all behind you !


you guys are sick. i'm in awe. congratulations!


John Wallace III

Congratulations to all the runners, it was fun to run along - virtually!

Final unofficial results update from me with splits, paces, and finish times.


There were over 1200 hits to the 3 different versions I posted. Happy to see they were useful.

Jamie and John Bursell

Great work on the HURT 100!! You are awesome!! Congrats to you and all of the runners on an incredible race.
Jamie and John Bursell
Juneau, Alaska

Javier millan

To : Roger Michel

Dear Roger: Incredible! Awesome! You have done it!
Congratulations! Your soul is made with Fire, your body with dust of stars!
Great! Great! Beyond words!!!
Hugs. Javier, Veronica, Kevin, Yunuen, Alan

Peggy Moehl

Many thanks for the posting during the race and these today.
It was wonderful to be able to have some sense of how the runners were doing.
Congratulations on a job well done. Get some rest.
Peggy Moehl (Krissy's MA)

Kelly Manning


Good work buddy...get some rest.


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