2007 HURT 100
Post Race Dinner Information-Monday 5:30 p.m.

Fun Run Update-Conditions on the HURT Course

A lot of people showed up for today's fun run--the last trail run before the HURT 100. There was a minor glitch at the beginning as the lower gate to the Nature Center parking lot was locked until past 7:00 a.m. Finally a resident who lives up there was leaving and opened the gate. Many of us were just parked on the road below the gate.

Though it was raining at the start and the sky looked threatening, we had no rain on our ten mile loop. With all the rain we have had this past week, the course was pretty wet and muddy. I was surprised how much blow-down there was of trees. Obviously it's been windy up there this past week as well.

When we finished the loop, we came across the HURT Race Directors and crew. They were discussing race details and some HAM radio operators were testing their equipment. That's cool that we will have the HAM radio folks helping us out this year. We should be able to communicate much more effectively between aid stations and also be able to post good updates here for those following the race on-line.

Get lots of rest this week, eat healthy, and pack those drop bags, and see you at the pre-race meeting! Aloha, Bob


Jamie & John

Good Luck and have a great time to Fish! We enjoyed meeting you in Hawaii!
Jamie & John
Juneau, Alaska

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