Tantalus Triple Trek will be held 9/2/06
The Making Of A Legend



WOW. Words cannot begin to explain the sheer beauty witnessed out on the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT). Although I failed miserably in my personal quest at bagging my 10th 100 mile finish, I return to the islands fulfilled by the experience. Making the beauty of this course more special was seeing local girl Stephanie finishing her first 100. Talk about chicken skin, these are the moments we seek when doing these events. Steph, thanks for making this run a special and memorable event for me, you ROCK!!!

I will not go into the details of my run, suffice it to say if you want to run on great trails, with panoramics views TRT is for you. If interested I would encourage you to check their site in the next couple months as I think this event will quickly fill for next year (recently given named to be the RRCA 100 mile championship for 2007). While WS is the grand daddy, this event will make Ultrarunners take notice.

You can see some pictures at the following link. Included are our own Patricia and Mike on the Red House Loop (coincidentally where I heard a bear grunting in the woods at night).


Going for a run now.





Huffer, Mike, and Patricia -

I hope you'll be back next year to join again! Thanks for the link...


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