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June 2006

Sunday Training: Nature Center to Waimanalo, THE EASY WAY!!

aloha everybody,

Jeff Huff and I were talking last night, and we wanted to put together the easiest stretch of 20 miles we could find for a little run on Sunday morning.  We will be meeting at Nature Center at 5:45 AM, proceed to Nu'uanu via the trails, cross over the Pali Lookout and join up with the Maunawili Trail.  A few miles in, we will take the cut off to the falls, go through Maunawili neighberhood, summit the first, second and third peaks of Olo Mana, and top off with buswhacking our way back to the Maunawili Trail and end up in Nalo.  We expect to finish around noon, but who knows with a course this easy, know what I'm saying?   All are welcome.  I'll post any updates on Sat. if there are changes, but this looks pretty firm.  If you come, bring a camelback rather than bottles b/c you will need both hands descending third peak!  Come and find out who is afraid of heights in our HURT group! 


Matt Stevens

PS: "The shortest distance between two points IS NOT THE POINT."  -annonymous

Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race is Saturday, July 1

Start your 4th of July weekend off with the Kaena Point, Firecracker 10 mile race. The race starts at 7:00 a.m. Saturday July 1st.


We are planning a post-race potluck celebration so bring your family, a dish to share, and your beach chair.                                     

Details: Entry fee = $10 Sign-up is 30 minutes prior to race start.

Route: This is an out and back race. The race starts at the end of the paved road on the Dillingham side (see map link below) and goes out towards Kaena Point and all the way to where you meet the paved road on the Waianae side of Kaena Point. This is the turn-around point. The route then returns via the same trail/road to the start.

Carry Water: It will be hot!! At least one water bottle! Limited aid will be available at the turn-around.

Directions to Race Start: Click here. These directions are from the Honolulu Airport and will get you out past Dillingham Airfield and past Camp Erdman. Keep driving until the pavement ends. We will be on the ocean side of the road.

If you have any questions e-mail me at bobm@org-fitness.com or call me at 808-225-2864. We look forward to seeing you at the race!


A Really Cool Story About HURT Shirts

I was out my office for some time today and when I returned I found an e-mail from John S. Here's what it said:

"Found this old story in Ultrarunning............written by Richard Senelly. Might want to post it as it tells a pretty accurate story of the mysterious HURT shirts. It was run about 10 years ago."

It really is a great story!! Click here to read it. Thanks John (and Richard) for sharing this!!

Mango Madness Photos

Mango_090Kat Tagaca has uploaded the photos from this past Saturday's race. There are some great shots in there, check them out by clicking the hat or clicking here. Thanks Kat!! Each photo will enlarge when you click it.

Also, Jim Carr is sending me a disc with the photo's he took and I will look at uploading all of those once I receive them.

It's hot, train smart! Aloha, Bob


The race was this weekend and unfortunately that meant a few of us had to miss Bob's farewell.

Aloha and GOOD LUCK Bob.

The weather was pleasant and not too hot. A little wind, but all in all a great day for HURT. Nick Kaiser qualified once again as did Wendy Minor. Gil Loomis will be in Kona once again this October to do number 30! Congratulations to all three of you. Also to congratulations to all the other finishers.

For those who don't know, Honu is a triathlon that is 1/2 the distance of the Ironman. More info is available at www.ironmanlive.com

Mango Madness Results

The Mango Madness results are now available. Click here to see them. Scroll down as it is two pages. The race was run under ideal trail conditions and the pace was fast as evident by the men's winner, Christian Friis finishing about 4 minutes faster than last year's winner. The women's race was won by Kim Wright. Bob Murphy provided special motivation (ask Kim) for Kim to run a fast race! Thanks to all the participants and race organizers!!

Pictures from the race will probably be posted later this week. Don't forget the next Trail Series race is July 1. It's the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile.

P1010006 Finally, Bob Murphy was kind enough to let me pass him going down Center trail today and allow me to, for once, finish in front of him. Actually, I think Bob was wanting a private moment as he realized today was his last trip down Center trail for a while. Here's a couple of pictures from his moving away potluck. Bob said he would return in January to run the H.U.R.T. 100! P1010005


Two Events Saturday, Park Once and Enjoy Both!!

This Saturday, June 3rd is the Mango Madness Trail Run. This is the third race in the 2006 H.U.R.T. Trail Series. More information is available here or by looking around on this site. Basically, show up by 6:30 a.m., pay $10, and you're all set. The course is a beautiful run (approximately 10 miles) through the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. The race starts and ends at the corner of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive in the park by the water pumping station. This is just down the road from the Nature Center. Click here for a map.

The second event, is the Bob Murphy Moving Away Potluck. More info is here. Essentially, this will be Bob's last race (Ladies: show up early for Bob's special touch with the marker!) before he moves to the mainland. The potluck will get started around 9:15 or so, after the Mango Madness Race. Bring a dish to pass (and a chair) and your favorite Bob Murphy story!