Update on Sunday Olo Mana Training Run
Huff and Stevens Try to Kill Murphy Two Days Before He Moves to Omaha.....

Keiki Triathlon--Jakob Dewald!!

We were at a surprise birthday party tonight for Darin Mingo and met Richard Varley. Richard is very much involved with Keiki triathlon in the islands and it just so happened that Jakob Dewald was a featured athlete in an article in the Star Bulletin today. Click here to read the article.

Jakob Click to enlarge the photo. Just look at Jakob's focus and determination. Talking with Richard tonight about Keiki triathlon, his enthusiasm is contagious. He had my daughter very interested in them. Richard is also the author of A Runners Guide to Oahu.



Congrats to Jakob!
Congrats to his proud parents: Way to go team Dewald!

Wendy Minor

Way to go, Jakob!
I look forward to seeing you race out at Ko Olina....good thing you aren't in the adult division yet or you'd kick my butt!

Matt Stevens

Jakob-If I were Lance Armstrong, I'd be worried about my record 7 Tour de France victories after seeing this photo of you ripping the cranks off that Mongoose! Keep having tons of fun...that's the most important part of racing!

Nanci Gandy

JAKOB ROCKS! You go man!

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