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A Really Cool Story About HURT Shirts

I was out my office for some time today and when I returned I found an e-mail from John S. Here's what it said:

"Found this old story in Ultrarunning............written by Richard Senelly. Might want to post it as it tells a pretty accurate story of the mysterious HURT shirts. It was run about 10 years ago."

It really is a great story!! Click here to read it. Thanks John (and Richard) for sharing this!!


Carl Gammon

So I just started looking at the HURT blog after my friend Ron pointed me to the old story of the origins of HURT and HURT shirts. As one of the original members, it brought back lots of memories.

I still have several, including a 1986 Western States special edition HURT shirt. I wore one to the pre-race meeting of the FANS 24 hour run here in Minnesota two years ago and was immediately approached by a gaggle of crazed Arkansas Razorbacks who had run with HURT in Hawaii.

Believe me, the shirt is recognized everywhere.

Carl (the Punster)
Now residing in tropical Minnesota

Ron Wilmoth

A great story! In fact, I've thought about those shirts a great deal in the last couple of years since I started running ultras again. My old HURT shirt was gray emblazoned with a big yellow HURT on the front. But alas it is no more. And when I mention HURT to someone on the mainland telling of my (exagerated!) days of running in Hawaii, HURT is like a golden talisman. Those were the days.....

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