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April 2006



This past Po'aono (Saturday), HURT members gathered to erect a bench at the top of Nuuanu Trail in memory of fellow runner, Kent Bien.

After all work was complete, we joined hands, formed a circle, and shared memories of Kent.  It was only fitting that our tribute was blessed with cool mountain rain.

My heartfelt thanks to Rod and Adam - your message to dad Kent was a beautiful tribute!  Thank you Aaron and Katie for your efforts to make this happen.  Mahalo to Mae for the beautiful hand-made leis!

Mahalo nui loa to all of you who could make the trek - it was wonderful to come together and reminisce about Kent!

Click here to photo's from the day!

A hui hou kakou!
Mike Garcia

ps... sorry for the raindrops on some of the photos!

HELP! Cincinnati Marathon Needs Hawaiian for Flying Pig

Please Help!!  Do you know anyone who might be interested in a free entry for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday, May 7th this year?  I am a volunteer for the marathon.  We have entrants from every state but yours.  We will give a free entry to anyone willing to do the full--it is worth $80.
Who can I contact/network with in your state to try to find somebody willing to party in Cincinnati in a few weekends?  (Free housing at my cool townhouse available).  I might even provide airport pick-up/drop-off.
Please let me know today! Runners World ranks it as one of the top 10 most fun marathons--its has a cool medal and famous goodie bag.
Please pass this on to your friends/network.  Thank you!
-John Cressey, 513-703-1854

Sat. Trail Race Road Access Update

Trail Runners,

The road is closed on the short way to Puu Ualakaa Park. This is due to the recent mudslides during the heavy rains.

Please go the other way (the long way) to get to the park.  It's 7.5 miles vs. 2.5 miles.  Turn at the pumping station and go left up and around Tantalus.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.  I was marking the trail this morning and it was in great shape!
Bob Murphy

HURT Trail Series Race

Aloha Athletes !

The first 2006 HURT Trail Series race is tomorrow ! The Top of Tantalus 7 mile race is the first race of this years 7 race series and will start this Saturday at 7 am at Puu Ualakaa Park. Just show up with your $10 entry fee at around 6:30 am and we'll get you signed-up. We have a limited supply of our great new Patagonia shirts available for $20 each, while supplies last.  See ya there !!

Aid Station Report for Saturday Training

This past Saturday I volunteered to be the aid station at the Pali Lookout for the group running from Kailua to the Nature Center and back--a long 40+ mile day. (Having done this run last August, I know how long the day is!) I was told to expect the group around 2:00 p.m. so I thought I would get there a bit early just in case there were any gazelle's with the group who might be ahead of schedule.

The Pali Lookout was typical for a strong tradewind day--in other words chilly and very windy. Along to help were Barbi and Sara, as we planned to run with the group--in for an hour or so and then return to the lookout. Due to Barbi having a bit too much fun at her party Friday night, she was really in no shape to run and this was confirmed as soon as we reached the Lookout. You can ask her if you want the details.

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A Little Note to My Friends Regarding the "Top of Tantalus" Run!

I am writing this post for the 11 regular readers of this site so please pass the word.

There has been a rumor--in fact more than a rumor, that famous ultra runner and co-race director for the "Top of Tantalus" run, Bob Murphy will be leaving the islands later this year. Now I know, once this becomes public knowledge, the hearts of women throughout the isle's will skip a beat, however ultra running men and the common man will be breathing a sigh of relief. Murph_at_his_best

None the less, if this rumor is true, then we must start to think about planning his farewell. Click on photo to see it larger. Bob in a common trail pose with some of his admirer's

I can think of no better way to start this farewell then to show up en-masse at the "Top of Tantalus" run.

Women, this will begin the end of Bob writing race numbers (six-digit race numbers?) on your legs while trying to get your phone numbers written on his hands. I've been told by many women, having Bob use his big, black... marker on your leg, is the highlight of the Trail Series.

Men, we will no longer have to embellish our stories for Bob to live vicariously through our exploits. Unfortunately though, this means we will have to suffer long, grueling training miles without his humor, his wit, and exciting stories about his cousins back in Kentucky. Bob, is all that true? I didn't know...oh, I guess that story is better left on the trail, I'll take your word. Anyway, I for one, know training runs will never be the same.

We need to show our support for Bob! Be a team player and show up at the "Top of Tantalus" run--just for Bob.

The race is Saturday, April 15, at 7:00 a.m. Start and finish at Pu'u' Ulaka'a State Park. Show up by 6:30 a.m. to sign in and register. It will be seven miles of fun!

For more info contact Rex Vlcek at 497-7415 or vlcekr@hawaii.rr.com or Bob Murphy at 838-1399 or rmurphy@iss-md.com                      

1st 2006 HURT Trail Series Race

Aloha Athletes !

The 1st 2006 HURT Trail Series Race is almost here ! The "Top of Tantalus" 7 mile race will be held on Saturday April 15, with check-in starting at 6:15 am.  Just show-up with your $10 entry fee, and we'll sign you up !. This fun race will start at 7:00 am at Puu Ualakaa Park and will take you on some of the beautiful, tropical Tantalus trails, finishing back at the Park.   Includes awards.

Here's a link (click here) to photo's from last year's "Top of Tantalus" run. Look how much fun everyone had! You won't want to miss it!

A limited number of very nice HURT Trail Series Patagonia running shirts will be on sale for the low price of $20.

For info contact: Rex Vlcek 497-7415 vlcekr@hawaii.rr.com or Bob Murphy 838-1399 rmurphy@iss-md.com

See ya there !  Don