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March 2006

Na Ala Hele Trail Advisory Council Info


Congratulations again to those who ran and crewed RTS!  Mahalo to BIG John and Bram for putting the race together - great job!

The NAHTC met on Tuesday, March 21st at the Makiki Baseyard.  Here are some pertinent points for us:

1.  The feral pig population is increasing dramatically.  To bring the situation under control, allowing pig hunting for one full year is being considered.  The Manoa neighborhood board will meet at Manoa Rec. Center on 12 April to discuss this issue - this meeting is open to the general public.  Currently, pig hunting is allowed in selected areas only on Tuesdays/Thursdays during selected periods.

If the new policy is adopted, we will see hunters and their dogs on weekends as we train and race.  Signs will be posted.  Please be prepared - be especially careful if you bring your dogs along for a run.

2.  The MOU (memorandum of agreement) has been signed for Poamohu trail.  Access will be by permit only.  We have seen a map and photos of the area - it's very nice and very runnable!

     a.  Aaron Lowe is requesting HURT runners' assistance to string fence wire along the new access road.

     b.  Work dates will be every weekend in May, 2006 - there is a day to fit everyone's schedule.

     c.  Please contact Aaron if you can help.  His email: Alowe@hawaii.rr.com


Mike Garcia

Run to the Sun, Accomodations Needed

Hello all! 

I live over on your neighbor island of Kauai and am anxiously anticipating the Run to the Sun.  With many triathlons under my belt (Ironman distance and down), I’d like to consider myself an endurance junkie but this will be my first ultra running event -and I am stoked.  I wish I had been able to train with all of you, sounds like you had some fun, intense, and looong runs.  I’ve been plodding up Koke’e over here all by myself. 

Anyway, to get to my point--  I am wondering if any of you, your friends, or family would be willing to host me for the weekend.  I am basically just looking for a place that I can sleep and promise not to be too much trouble.  It would be awesome if this was someone doing the race, watching it, or volunteering but beggars can’t be choosers.  Please contact me at 808-634-8572 or at my email lauren_rae123@hotmail.com.

Best of luck to everyone, I’ll see ya out there! 

Much Mahalo ~ Lauren