Latest Update from HURT VI
Final Results from John

HURT Results

Click here for the final HURT results. 

These are the results of the race in raw data format.  More will follow once we have time to compile the numbers from the other aid stations.  Carl Meltzer and Beverly Anderson-Abbs were the male and female winners respectively.



To answer John's questions: the names in red are the Female runners. Just to confuse the issue a bit, the finish time numbers are in red for everyone regardless of gender. The finish time appears to be the time of day when that particular runner finished, using a 24-hour clock. The total is an attempt to show the total elapsed time, but it is also set to use a 24-hour clock so it loops around again if your time is over 24 hours. For example, Monica Scholz has a Total time of 10:24, which would be a spectacular record for the 100 mile course. Just add 24 hours and you get her real elapsed time of 34:24. The ##### are Excel's way of dealing with numbers it can't display for some reason or other.


What does it all mean? The names in red the #### signs?? AND....We wanted to greet a friend finishing, is the finish area a secret? We wandered all over trying to find it. Maybe it will be better explained next year. I searched the web site with no success

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