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January 2006

2006 H.U.R.T. Trail Series Schedule

The 2006 H.U.R.T. Trail Series schedule has been announced. These are fun, low key runs with a variety of distances. They make a great way for new trail runners to experience the trails and for experienced trail runners to judge their fitness and speed against others.

The first race is in April and they continue monthly through October. Just show up the morning of the race (at least 30 minutes before the start) as there are no applications or early sign-ups.

Click here or look at the right side under Upcoming Races for the complete schedule.

Hawaiian Tales of Courage

Hawaiian Tales of Courage
Hawaiian History is filled with a multitude of tales of courage. These are stories that make you proud to be Hawaiian, touch you deeply, and do so even if you are only Hawaiian at heart. At all 6 of the HURT 100 Mile Trail Endurance Runs, there to have been stories of courage. A few of the local runners deserve mention for exceptional courage this year.
Anyone that has finished the HURT 100 has my sincere admiration. For some of our courageous local 2006 finishers like 5 timer Ben Cavazos and multi-finishers Bob Murphy, Steve Dewald and Ed Bugarin, the course may need to be toughened-up for 2007 to make it more challenging. These guys made something very difficult, look very easy. But for Hawaii's first overall finisher Marian Yasuda, things haven't been easy. We'll leave it to say that Marian has had a very challenging year or so, with health issues, and her performance at this year's HURT 100 totally amazed me. Seeing Marian's face turn to tears, immediately after crossing the finish line, is something I will always remember and cherish.
My close friend and training partner, 58 year-old Cheryl Loomis, the other courageous female Hawaii finisher in 2006, was a woman possessed, on the way to being only the 3rd local woman finisher in 6 years. Cheryl admitted that her feet weren't touching the ground as she blazed the last
few miles to the finish. She made all of us so proud !
Two local men who moved up from 100k finishes last year to finish the 100 mile were Ricky DeShaw and Brian Wilson. You will be seeing a lot of these two young ultrarunners in the future. In March 2005, Gordon Lau joined the Saturday Training group. Up to that time, the longest run that Gordon had done was 15 miles or so. Granted, Gordon was in good shape from hiking and pig hunting, but was a long way from doing the tough HURT 100. He came out for every training run, did everything that was thrown at him (and more), listened and learned from more experienced runners and finished his first 100 miler. Friends, that takes courage !
Congratulations to all the courageous 2006 HURT 100 Mile finishers !
Don Fallis

Run to the Sun Training Camp

aloha everybody,

Congrats to everybody on a great HURT 100 race, both to runners, vol's, etc. 

Jeff Huff and I were discussing a possible training weekend on Maui after the Run to the Sun.  Because Jeff is looking into Hardrock, we were thinking of trying to get some altitude training in near the summit.  I'm going to write the Nat'l Park and see about the availabiltiy of one of the crater cabins for Saturday night.  If not available, were talking about just camping out in tents.  Basically, the idea is to take it easy on the actual race, and then spend the next day doing repeats of some sorts up sliding sands or running inside the crater.  We'd probably catch the last flight out on Sunday evening. 

If interestested in being in a cabin if we get one, just post a comment on on this post.  If you've never stayed in one of the cabins, well, they are pretty sweet.  They even stock them with wood to make a fire. 



A Big Thank You

Little known is the efforts of a few very very tired friends, who stuck around right after the race, and then came to the Nature Center the morning after, to deal with the aftermath of the mess we created there. I'm talking about Mike and Patricia, Joel and Stephanie, and the Huffer, who swept, mopped and cleaned the NC, helped  load our U-haul to send home the NC aid station gear. If that was not enough, the next morning they hosed down the rest of the area, and dealt with the enormous task of handling U-haul contents from Nuuanu that we inherited. Trish single handily washed and scrubbed about 9 coolers, while, the rest sorted through the gear to toss and inventory, then drove the U-haul to a storage facility to pack it all for the time being, into a storage locker (to be dealt with later this month). I hear Joel was the master mind for systematically organizing the contents into the locker, leaving not even a square inch of space afterwards.

There are so many stories of unselfish contribution of time and effort to this race- thanks a million to everybody!!!!

H.U.R.T. IV Video Links

I have some video clips that were taken during the race. Some show parts of the trail and aid stations and others are interviews with either runners or pacers. These were shot with a Treo--basically a phone, so the quality is not professional but they are still fun to view.

Click here for the link. You will need Quicktime to view them.

mini race report

Aloha !

Utah's Karl Meltzer continued his recent dominace of many of the tough mountain 100's by winning the HURT 100 Trail Endurance Run in the record-breaking time of 22:16. Karl, known for his intense, focused running style and quick aid station transitions, was relaxed, smiling, and even cracked an occasional witty one-liner on the way to being the only person to break the 24 hour barrier. Jim Kirby proved his toughness by running a great race and took the 2nd spot. Excellent trail conditions, beautiful weather and a strong field of 86 talented runners from all over the world produced the most finishers ever, 23 (26%). The women's race record was also shattered by a gutsy performance from Beverly Anderson-Abbs, who spent much of the race with the front-running men. Local favorite Marian Yasuda surprised everyone, including herself, by taking second place (and was the first Hawaii finisher, overall) and the amazing Monica Scholz became the only runner to officially finish all 6 HURT 100 races. A large crowd of locals gathered at the finish line and went wild as Cheryl Loomis crossed the finish line. A party ensued, with a big tub of ice water being poured over Cheryl's head (ala football) and a champagne toast, The day was filled with many emotional moments watching so many tough competitors show so much determination and the ability to handle pain.

A big MAHALO to all the hard-working volunteers who make this great event possible, including HURT guru Big John Salmonson, who was still working Monday morning getting the race results posted, and to the wonderful PJ Salmonson. Thanks to everyone, it was the best HURT 100 ever !