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May 2005

Maunawili Trail photos

Here are some photos from the 05/28/05 HURT training run - Nick Kaiser

Judy, Bob, Artur, Ed, Don, John and PJ setting out

Rex and Artur:

Trish and Kat

Dynamic Don

Felicia and PJ

View from the lookout at dawn:

A Note from H.U.R.T. Friends

From John and PJ

For those that don't know "Marathon John", he is a great friend to HURT.
Before he left Hawaii 4-5 years ago, he did an enormous amount of work for our races, and contributed equipment that we still use in our races today.

For instance, one year at the Schofeild 50 Miler, he brought a bunch of his soldiers with him, and they put up a big tent for us to use during the race. Not only that, but they brought tables and chairs for us, coolers, etc. After the race, they took it all down and hauled it away! I remember he did the same thing for Triple Trek one year. He could never do enough for us.

We've been keeping in touch, hoping he and his family would get back here. Some day that will happen. Here is a recent note from him.

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